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Monday, February 18, 2013

Dancing in the Plaza Machado

Just thought I’d throw this in. It’s a picture of Ms Tioga parked across from us at Las Jaibas. Yes, George is really here and we are keeping him busy.
Yesterday morning first thing we had to make another trip to TelCel to get more GigaBites for our Banda Ancha stick. Couldn’t get on line and got a message we had to recharge our device. It’s not hard to do just go to the teller and pay for it right? Well it’s a little like a trip through Wonderland because every time we talk to a representative we get different information. This year when we first got the stick we bought 6GBs – 1 came with the stick the other 5 we purchased. In San Blas we purchased 3GBs more for 500 pesos. So this time we thought if we bought 5GBs it would last us until we are out of Mexico even with watching soccer games and some of the races. Well – the best laid plans – can’t buy 5GBS the most we could buy is 3GBs. And it would cost 400 pesos and we would have to pay in 200 peso increments. But that’s 100 pesos less then we paid for the same amount the last time.  Who cares right? It’s paid for and working again and if we have to get more we will.
This is just a blurry picture of a tiny beautiful red bird that flits around the campground. It’s the best picture I’ve been able to get of him. He is quick to fly.
So what did we do yesterday? First we went to breakfast across the street to the Torres and watched the ocean – no dolphins though. Then to TelCel and on the way home we stopped to look at some single family homes in a development near the campground. They were really nice – bright and airy and modern. George is curious so we’ll probably be looking at more. But Bill is the one who get really interested. No way.
Oh – we stopped to get gas too – and it has gone way up. from 8.10 to 11.05 per liter since we’ve been here. Now it is almost US$3.30 a gallon. That’s quite a hike for here in a few months.
Then home to relax until it was time to go out to dinner. The Caravan had a no activity day yesterday and they are, as I write, loading up to leave. 3 are heading home towards the states and 16 – most of them BIG rigs are going to take the ferry to Baja and go home that way. Hope they have fun.
Last night we had made plans to meet our friend Angelica in the Plazuela Machado for dinner. We parked in our 2nd favorite lot and there weren’t too many cars there yet so I took more photos of a small portion of the graffiti there.

We ate dinner at the Italian restaurant there right on the corner where the entertainment – Raphael Rodriguez sings and plays and the customers dance. Here is Angelica and Bill
Bill had pizza and George and I had spaghetti – his with meatballs. Very good – I ate almost all of mine and it was a lot.
The music started and the dancing began. A group of gringos were line dancing and then a couple of young Mexican girls joined them and lo and behold George got up and joined them. Go George! 
See the little doggie – he loved the music and tried to dance to it all. Today we are dragging George up to Malpica to go to the little Bakery there and maybe to Concordia. And who knows where else.

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  1. We are planning on going to the plaza on Friday night to check out the action. Italian sounds good!