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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a day in our life in Brown County, IN

Going to be a beautiful day today. Sun is up and it is already warm out. Hooray!
We’ve got everything out of Jennie – now we just have to give her a real good cleaning. Why doesn’t that sound like much fun? Instead of sitting here at the computer I should be out there.
Bill’s back is bothering him again, this time it has lasted for a few days. Sure hope he doesn’t need more surgery. But unless it gets a lot better soon he WILL go to the doc.
I found my computer program disks that were in the RV. Right where I put them for safe keeping in the box with the printer. But now I can’t find a couple pieces of stained glass that I made last summer. I want to hang them on the front door and they are no where to be found. So guess I’ll make new ones. I love working with the glass.
I was adding a stained glass piece I did last summer to the web site www.FantasyManorArtStudio.com  when I discovered I’ve completely forgotten what password I used with the site so I can’t publish the pages I updated. 
Actually I think gremlins are at work because I’ve tried every single password it could be. So now I’m waiting to hear from the hosting company about resetting the darn thing!
And my rant yesterday about the state sales tax – OMG! I’ve already got the letter with the access code – came in yesterdays mail. I’m impressed. And I’ve gone on line and filled in the forms. One thing taken care of. I hope.
Got our new weeping willow trees planted yesterday and more yard clean up work done. Things are starting to look really nice after a hard winter. And I went out and sprayed “Deer Off” to keep our hungry friends away from our plants. Now I have a bag of flower seeds I need to sprinkle out back between the house and the woods. Should do it today or tomorrow ‘cause it is supposed to start raining again Thursday. It’s so different here – I was sitting out on the back porch just listening to the different birds sounds. From the ratatattat of the wood peckers to the sound of our neighbors rooster. Soon we’ll hear the tree frogs and cicadas. And the occasional tree falling down and gun shots. I think I saw a couple humming birds yesterday so hurried and cooked up some nectar for them and filled the feeders. Haven’t seen any yet today. But this guy is back again this year. He's so pretty. 
And Bill not only listed Jennie for sale he listed the Ram truck too.
Both are on Craig’s list. 

Hope some one wants them. We sure don’t need them sitting around here.
Going to go hunt for my missing glass pieces one more time. I remember wrapping them in bubble wrap for storing but where did I put them.....?????

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  1. Glad you made it home safe and are enjoying the sounds of spring. Good luck selling your vehicles.