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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Keeping busy showing friend around.

I have to hurry and get this done - should have done it yesterday but forgot. In a few minutes we are leaving for San Ignacio about 60 miles north east of here. 
So to catch up. We've gone to El Quelite with Tom - mainly for breakfast but also to drive around a little. Didn't take many pictures as I've posted so many in the past. We did stop at the cock farm right at feeding time though. So all the rooster were out and making noise- what a racket. 
 And we took Tom to the cheese factory. The young man was filling the boxes with very liquid cheese - you can see the blue barrels full of it. He uses a big bucket to fill the boxes. Then it drains for a couple of hours. Tom said he was glad he ate the cheese at breakfast before he saw it made. 
 That night we went out to dinner at the Italian Restaurant. Didn't do much else as Tom had been up since the middle of the night flying here. 
Yesterday we went to breakfast at Torres then  dropped off our laundry [getting closer to time for us to leave here] then drove along the malecon. Stopped to watch a couple of the divers dive. The divers are getting very aggressive in asking for money for a dive. Guess I don't blame them - one mistake and ... A cruise ship was in so there was a lot of activity in the area. One of the vendors with cut up fresh fruit for sale. Looked good. 
A close up of the cut up mango - maybe I'll try this next time I buy one. They put chili on it!
 Tom buying some trinkets. Deep in negotiation. The exchange rate for the peso is now 16 pesos to one dollar. 
 Walking down town - One of the buildings that is in the process of being restored. 
We went to the central market and just walked around. Yesterday evening we were back in El Centro to go to dinner at La Mona. Good food. The weather is cooperating - beautiful.

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