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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday in Mazatlan

Boy have things changed since yesterday! Not only the weather but our plans. The weather is still warm but very overcast and not a whisper of a breeze. And sticky humid. 
Also we are going to be busier than we'd thought we'd be. Our friends from Arizona who we met in Guadalajara are here in Mazatlan. More about that later.
We went over to Torres - again - for breakfast. This is just one of the beautiful and unusual plants they have there. It is all one flower ball - two different colors. 
 As I said very overcast and misty by the ocean. One man determined to get any "rays" he can before heading back to the cold country. 
 For the first time ever for us there weren't any tables open in the outside restaurant. Of course it was Sunday, buffet day with live music and we were later than usual 10:30. So we had to sit inside the restaurant next to the windows overlooking the pool Oh, poor us. But the view wasn't bad from there either. If you look closely on the rock is a creature. Simple things amuse me. 
 Here is a closer look at him. He is sitting on the side of the water slide and the kids were getting a big kick out of getting close to him. No one touched him though. One boy had one of those big water  squirters - I thought for sure he would squirt him (you can see where my mind goes) but he didn't. Good boy - bad me. 
 After eating we took a ride up past the new WalMart and Sam's Club to see where the road they just opened went. It goes to the new bypass. This is the road, had it mostly to ourselves. The exit from 15D is the "Golden Zone" exit - takes you right to the marina. Wish I owned some land along it -  
I wrote about the pomegranate bush/tree right outside our door a couple of posts ago. Posted a picture of the little pomegrante. This is a group of bulbs that will turn into flowers then fruit. 
 A group of bulbs with some of the flowers open and one already becoming a fruit. So pretty. 
 When we got back to the Alfa I went on line and discovered an email from our friends from Guadalajara, they are here in Mazatlan. So Bill and I drove over to the RV park where they're staying to say hi and invite them to go with us tonight to the Plazuela Machado to eat and listen to music. Because none of us had anything to do they got in Willie and we went for a drive. They've been here before. So Bill asked them what they'd like to see. "The diver's" was their answer. So we said okay, but I added that with it being such a dreary day and no ships in they might not be diving. Okay so we headed over there. Came around the corner and lo and behold there was a diver just getting ready to dive. 
 We jumped out of the car and rushed over to watch. Just barely caught a picture of him. 
Road around a little more - to the look out point and through the central district then back to the RV park. Tonight we'll go out with them and tomorrow morning we'll go to the airport to pick up our friend Tom. Tomorrow night we'll all go out for ribs. 
Last night there were about 7 rigs in her for just overnight - all headed north. And already this afternoon one has pulled in. Also a couple of our friends from the park will be headed out tomorrow morning. Tis that time of year. 

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