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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Social Butterflies

This not posting stuff is becoming a habit – didn’t realize I hadn’t until it was late and then I didn’t feel like it.
Weather wise yesterday was a perfect day. Low 80s, very slight breeze and not real humid.
So we started off our day by – surprise – going across the street for breakfast. We got to eat in the outside part of the restaurant by the water. Not as busy without the buffet. After eating as we were walking by the pool area I spotted this guy. This is not the same one as the day before who was still perched by the water slide.
I guess the weather is warmer now and they are coming out. It is funny that in all the years we’ve been coming here to eat I’ve never seen one and now in two days we’ve seen two.
After eating we took the new bypass around Mazatlan to the airport. The only problem is you can’t get off the bypass to go right to the airport. You have to go to the town of Villa Union then go back north on the old 15 about 5 miles to the airport road. But it is still better than driving all the way through Mazatlan.
We got there about 10 minutes before the plane was supposed to land to discover it was going to be 30 minutes late. So we went up stairs where we could watch the runways and sat down to wait. After waiting for hours – well it seemed like hours – I went to check the board again to see if there was more delay. Oh yes! The flight had landed so back upstairs to get Bill. Discovered him talking to someone. Imagine my surprise when I found him talking to Pilar and his family. Pilar is a friend who over the years we had lost tract of. Good to see him and his family – they were waiting to board a flight.
So downstairs to wait for the arrivals. After waiting a while I went to ask if all arrivals came out where we were waiting. Was told Yes – then turned around and saw Bill talking with someone else. It was Roberto – another very good friend. He had been in California and came home on the same plane as Tom. Looked up and there was Tom.
does he look happy to be here?
Bill offered to take Roberto into town with us. So we dropped both of them off at the hotel downtown. Told Tom we’d pick him up at 4:00 to go eat RIBS [he told us later that his room wasn't ready so he was sitting out by the pool in his jeans and long sleeve black sweater enjoying the sunshine with a cool drink]
And here we are at Fat Fish. Joining us were our friends from Arizona, Angelica’s sister, father and mother, and of course Angelica. Nine of us in all.
In case anyone is wondering why we would go to dinner at 4 o’clock there is a good explanation.  The restaurant is not very big and at 5 o’clock Happy Hour starts and the place fills up quickly as you can see in this picture of Angelica and Tom.
By five fifteen there was a line waiting for tables. For the nine of us – all of us having a full rack of ribs, salad, baked potato, bread and a drink of some kind the total bill came to US $67.00. Another reason why the place fills up so quickly.

We are becoming real social butterflies! So will have a few busy days ahead. Today we’re going to El Quelite for breakfast then…


  1. Just missed you yesterday at Torres - as we were pulling in we saw "Willie" backing out 2 spaces south of us! Lovely place to have breakfast and love sitting in the lower area next to the windows.