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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Woke to thunder this morning?!?

Whoa! What was that? Sounded like thunder so I looked towards the window and could see lots of light – the sun was up. Hum? Turned back over. Rumble rumble. For sure thunder. Got up put on coffee and looked out window towards the southeast. Some blue sky and the sun was peeking out. Looked towards the northwest and was black with clouds. More heavy thunder and a few drops of rain. Clouds are moving fast northwest. What a surprise. We’ve been watching the weather closely the last couple of days as we are getting closer and closer to leaving. Saw no mention of this.
Yesterday we picked up our last load of laundry done by the lavaderia. I will miss that. Yes we are getting ready to head home. Probably will be in the states in six or seven days. Plan on leaving here Monday morning – or maybe Sunday afternoon. Then overnight stops in Los Mochis, San Carlos and then USA. May stay in San Carlos two nights, depending on how rough the roads are and if The Driver feels like a rest. It averages out to each stretch being about 260 miles. Long days on rough roads. 
Tom will be leaving here Sunday morning…He’ll be getting home to 72 degree weather – almost warmer than here – well not quite but…Also in weather report are severe flood warnings for our area at home. Heavy rains for two or three days. Glad the house is on a hill.
Today the Alfa is getting a wash and wax. Maybe I’ll even vacuum in here later…then again maybe not. We’ll pick up dust along the road. I guess it can wait until we get to Arizona.
Now we are figuring diesel mileage and pesos – don’t want to have much of either when we cross the border. We know it will take 2200 pesos for tolls and about 85 gallons of diesel to get to AZ. Also pesos for overnight stops and eating out. Got to get the calculator out!
Took an excursion to San Ignacio Thursday. A nice little town about 60 miles north east of Mazatlan.  It was in the mid 90’s there!

And yesterday we went to Malpica to the bakery and to Concordia just for the drive. Both nights we went out to dinner. Last night we met Angelica in the Plazuela Machado for a pleasant dinner. 

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