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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Too much doing nothing

Watching the sun come up in Mazatlan. No clouds so nothing spectacular.
Yes, we’re still here – won’t be leaving until tomorrow. The weather will be good and our campground rent runs out. Didn‘t want to deal with the rain on the route north. Bad road in dry weather is bad enough. Yesterday we pretty much did absolutely nothing. I threatened to vacuum but didn’t. 
There is a 15 vehicle caravan here, came in Sunday. Most of the rigs are big ones – a couple of 42 foot motorhomes. All are towing cars. They are from Canada and I’ve only heard French being spoken. The guy next to us has a 40’ rig towing a 30’ trailer with a car of some sort in it. Long heavy load.
The rain we had the night before last also brought a lot of hail to the area! Strange weather.

Today will be our last day here so think we’ll be out and about some. Maybe seeing all our favorite places and people. Just got a notice that my Internet stick runs out tomorrow at 7:20 p.m. - hum...Should I renew it or hope for the best. Tomorrow night we'll be stopping in a truck stop - the next day in a campground with kind off wifi and the next day in Arizona. I think there is a plan where I can renew it for only 1GB or 10 days. Might do that. I thought I'd run out of GBs first instead of time. Been on line a lot. 
Maybe I'll post later today - if not in the morning before we leave. 


  1. Thank goodness I checked this site today. I have not received a post from you to my inbox since Guadalajara. I have heard that the road North from the Sonora border is worse than hell. Have had 4 friends get flat tires or break downs. Please keep us posted once you get to Totonaka. We leave Maz on April 1st.

    1. When traveling I usually try to update blog every day. With road conditions etc.