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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Last Miles in Mexico - Back in the USA

Good cool morning from Amado, AZ. [Amado is between Nogales and Tucson- it is where we stay every year coming and going.]  It is almost 7 a.m. and very cool in here. In fact I have a sweat shirt on. I know Bill will turn the furnace on when he gets up. [yep - he did]
So about yesterday’s trip – it was MUCH better than the stretch before! For the most part the highway was in decent to really good shape. Some repaving has been done between San Carlos and Hermosillo.
All in all we had a very good year in Mexico as compared to last year. Neither of us were sick, no car or RV problems. Hallelujah.
But back to yesterday. We left San Carlos around 7:15 and arrived here in the RV park about 1:00 – 280 miles. A little over six hours which included turning in our car’s paperwork…and going through the US border.
Traffic was light and we were soon coming to Hermosillo – I hate going through the city. 
Though it wasn’t bad this time. We were through in about 15 minutes. Only one short detour just before rejoining the 15D – just a couple of blocks and there a policeman directing traffic where we rejoined the 15D – thank goodness as there were no traffic signs or signals for the oncoming traffic.
Through the toll booth and on north. As usual the military check point had the trucks backed up for a ways. But our lane only had two vehicles in front of us.
So we zipped right up to the check point and much to our surprise were waved right through. Last year we got stopped and someone came in to check around. And the year before that everyone was getting stopped to be X-rayed.
Some more topes – won’t miss them – and the toll booth near Magdalena. Just beyond that last chance to buy some souvenirs. They look so pretty.
We reached the Km21 point where we turned in our permit for the Jeep. Took about 10 minutes then we were on our way again. Can they make those pass throughs any narrower?
Our last Mexican check point. Pretty well marked.
The hardest part of this was again getting through the passageway. Really had to watch the mirrors.
Getting close to the USA border. I don’t remember the sign saying RV’s before. We arrived here at 12:00.
At this point we had to get into the far right lane.
As we reached the end of the divider one of the lady vendors – came up to the window and told us we needed to get to the right and she would stop traffic for us. She said now the US is giving tickets if RVs don’t get in the bus lane. So over we went.
Waiting for traffic to move so we can get to the bus lane. No one else was in line.
As usual a border patrol van was blocking the entrance. So we prepared for a long wait. A couple of minutes later an officer came to the window and asked for out passports and said he would move the van. Pulled up to the booth, stopped and a lady officer knocked on the door. She gave us a new set of guidelines for what can be brought into the US. Then checked things out. I forgot we had potatoes so she took them and then found a package of Oscar Meyer wieners – made in US – and took them. She took them because they were opened – if they’d been closed they would have been okay. Had a nice chat with her. She left and we drove through the last barricade at 12:25!
The fastest we’d ever got through. And on a Saturday afternoon!

On towards Amado where we had one more Border Patrol check point to go through. Got to the RV park around 1:00 and settled in,.
 Mountain View RV Park - Amado AZ
 We've got full hook ups with 50amps. Could have cable but we've got our own satellite TV which started right up. The park also has fast WiFi but got our Verizon MiFi set up and running. So nice to be back in US with all our goodies working. 
We made a quick trip to Denny's for lunch then to WalMart to restock up on groceries. Also needed a new 30/50amp plug - ours had had enough of the uncertain electricity in Mexico and gave up the ghost. 
This morning we went across the freeway to the Cow Palace for breakfast. Bill is looking at a beautiful 1976 Cadillac ElDorado. 
Breakfast was delicious. The back of the menu with some information about the restaurant. 
Now we will just be relaxing. Waiting for the soccer game - El Classico - between Barcelona and Real Madrid. One of the best games of the year. This year I'm not so interested in the NASCAR races as Kyle is still recuperating. Good thing because both events are on at the same time. 

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