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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Taking care of every day things

Got up this morning and it was pretty cool in here. Noticed Bill had his side of the electric blanket on. He got up a little later and turned the furnace on. Then the sun came up and is coming in through the big front windshield. It is now hot in here – expect the AC to turn on soon. Wow, he just got up and wanted to know why it was so hot in here. Duh!
So yesterday we kind of kept busy and managed to spend some unexpected money. First we stopped in the office of the RV park and extended our stay until Sunday then went across the street to the Cow Palace for breakfast – Oh No they were closed. Had a delicious breakfast there on Sunday. So we headed to Green Valley to the Denny’s there and had breakfast. The bacon here in the US tastes so much better than the bacon in Mexico. Right next to the Denny’s is a Verizon store so we went in there to see what could be done about our Tablet that quit working four months ago while we were in San Carlos the first time. They tried and tried to get it to work. Final conclusion was they would give us a new one. All well and good EXCEPT they can’t exchange it in the store. They have to mail us a new one. But we don’t have an address here. Okay they’ll send it to Indiana. No we want it now. Well go to the corporate store in Tucson maybe they can exchange it.
We were on our way to Tucson anyway to the LazyDays RV place to get a new 30/50 amp plug so okay. Turns out both places were on the same street just at opposite ends of it.
Went to Verizon first. Same story cannot exchange it at the store. But they would order the replacement to come to their store – probably be delivered in five days – then we could pick it up and mail the old one back in the postage free box they will provide. So now the big question is…Will it get there before we have to leave the campground on Sunday?
From there we went to LazyDays. Found the plug right away (will return the ones we bought at WalMart on the way home) While Bill was getting the plug I happened to spot a beautiful nice size leather recliner that also swiveled and had an ottoman. I showed it to him. He sat in it. We will have it delivered today! The chair he has now does not recline or swivel and is too big. So we’ve been looking for a different one. Will take pictures when it gets here.
From there we headed home with a stop at WalMart to return the plugs. While there I remembered it is almost Easter so I went in search of PEEPS. Have to have my annual box of PEEPS. I only like the yellow ones – I know there is no difference but…No yellow chickies but I did find yellow bunnies. YES. First thing I did when we got home was to break the cellophane covering on them so they can get hard. Only way I like them.Well I did eat one - ears first of course.
On Sunday Bill had started to sneeze and his eyes were running. Saturday after going to the store I’d replaced the AirWick plug in scents with new ones. Couldn’t find cinnabon ones so got apple/vanilla ones. They were pretty strong. Took them down and put in plastic and in a drawer. No more sneezing! Hope it was that easy.
Oh yah, have a new problem with Verizon. Just got a message that we’ve used up 75% of our allotted gigabites this billing period. WHAT!!! We’d only been using the mifi for two days. Then I read the rest of the message – our allotment of 1GB – 1GB – we have 10GBs a month. I had put the data on suspension while we were in Mexico for 90 days. The 90 days ran out the end of February and I got a nice message that the suspension period was over and we would get our plan turned back on. Well either it isn’t back on or someone screwed up. So another call or trip to see them.

Still looking for a new header – don’t like this one and for some reason it takes forever to load. Taking it down as soon as I post this. 


  1. You are welcome to use my mailing address if it will help you get the new Tablet.

    1. It is going to be delivered to the store in Tucson - give us an excuse to go there.
      Thanks. see you thursday!!!