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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some are headed North already

Yesterday was kind of a bitter sweet day. We started out the morning by going out to breakfast at Torres, of course, with our friends Ron and Janet. As usual a very nice time was had. But when we got back to the campground Ron and Janet finished packing up, got in their RV and headed north! The only good thing about that is hopefully they will be able to give us some accurate information on the road north. We’ve been hearing horror stories about it this year. And there isn’t any way to avoid it unless we head up over the mountains and go home into Texas, which we’ve already ruled out.
Early afternoon our friends who we spent time with in Aticama, John and Shirley, pulled in in their 5th wheel. They also are on their way north. After visiting a while we all piled in the car and went to Fat Fish for dinner. Yum as always. Shirley’s first time there. Then we drove around the town so she could see some of the sights. Just a  picture of an old building I liked. 

Parked and walked around old town for a while. Then went out to the look out point to watch the sunset.

A nice way to spend an evening. Then home where there went to bed so they could get an early start today.
And as I was writing this two more rigs pulled out to head north. That time of year.
This afternoon I’m getting my hair cut. The barber, Luis, comes to the campground. And probably during the day sometime we’ll go to the grocery store so we can stock up on items that we want to take home with us. Bill loves the parmesan cheese hunks he can by here – about ¼ the price of the US. And we want to get some hot hot sauce for our gardener. He loves it We bring him some every year. 


  1. Is it dangerous traveling North. What are the horror stories?

    1. the horror stories are about the bad pavement. lots and lots of potholes. just a rough trip for an RV. But since got news it is NOT as bad as was first reported. The rains this year have made the pavement or lack of a little worse but not undriveable.