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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Next stop Arizona

We'll be on the road soon after I post this. Hopefully this next stretch of road is better than the last. But we do have to drive right through the large city of Hermosillo. Ugh!
Kind of off the wall but I thought this was a pretty table setting at the restaurant where we went out to dinner the first night we were in San Carlos. Good food too.
Nice and cool out yesterday morning in San Carlos so I got busy and did some cleaning – now it smells nice in here. Clean carpets, floor and wood polish. Then we got together all the stuff we’ll need to cross out of Mexico and into the US. Counted our pesos and made sure we have enough for the tolls. What we have left over will be for meals – hopefully we’ll be almost out before crossing. Also checked to make sure we had some US money and I knew where it was. Sometimes I put stuff away and it takes months to find it again. 
Bill got the name of a mechanic to come look at the left front wheel and try to figure out where the clack clack noise was coming from. It was kind of a comedy of errors – not what you want from a mechanic working on a front wheel.  
The mechanic showed up – then left, then came back, then left and then came back. Each time he left to get a bigger tool. Each time he was gone about an hour – his shop is two blocks from here! Finally he got a big enough tool – and got everything apart. Nothing was wrong. Most they can figure out a rock got inside. There were scratches there. But nothing wrong with wheel or brake. Finally all back together and he left with his big tools.

OMG the 15 vehicle caravan that was in the back with us in Mazatlan just got here. That is going to fill the park up.
Other than that didn’t do much. I fixed dinner to use up some Italian sausage that we bought here. It said Made in the US but you never know.
Some one asked so here is a picture of three of the blouses I got the other day. They are so cool and comfortable. 
And our last sunset from Mexico this year. 
Next time I post it should be from Arizona


  1. The blouse look so cool and comfortable. Enjoy the sunset pictures.
    Welcome back to the U. S.


  2. I found the "blouse shop" on the second try - thank you. I got a blue striped one - it will be very cool to wear our last week in Mazatlan.