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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the Road Again - well we will be in about two hours

This was yesterday morning's sunrise - no a cloud in the sky.
 We did kind of keep busy yesterday while waiting for the weather to clear north of us. First out to breakfast at Torres. The last several times we've been there a lady who always eats alone has commented on my blouse - the woven ones. Well yesterday morning she came in after we were at our table. She stopped to say Hello - and then invited herself to sit at our table with us. We couldn't say No. She was just lonely and want someone to talk and talk and talk too. Those of you who know Bill can imagine how happy he was with the constant chatter. Oh well. She and her husband have been at the hotel five weeks and haven't done anything. He is tired. Poor lady. 
After a quick breakfast we went to WalMart to pick up a couple of last minute things. Here is Willie in the lot when we came out - notice the front with the big piece of cardboard over the windshield. The parking lot attendant does that to help keep the car cooler. Bill usually remember to tell them NOT to do it to the jeep. But we didn't see the guy when we parked. I actually think it is nice of them. So we paid him some pesos and thanked him. There is a lot of new construction going on across the street. 
 Got a kick out of this pulmonia - see the writing in the window "No time share on this pulmonia" Don't know if he was just being funny or meant something by it. This area is full of time share hotels. 
 Later we took a drive through the Golden Zone - even the side walks along the main street are getting the pretty paint now. 
 Out along the malecon - where nothing was going on. Guess everyone has gone home after the three day weekend. And must not have been any cruise ships in. Went to the Central district and parked and headed to the Central Market - my idea. Even the sidewalks were not crowded. Passed this fruit stand. Doesn't it look good! I think the white pieces are jicama - the green are cut in half limes. 
 First stop was the yardage store. I was looking for feathers. Didn't find any I liked. but did see this yardage. All gathered on top waiting to be made into dresses. One seam, straps and a hem and the dress is done. Less than two US dollars a yard! It also comes in different widths.
 From there we went to the market and to one of the shops we frequent and as luck would have it they'd just received a new shipment of the blouses I love - the really cool, colorful woven ones. I got six! Cost us 540 pesos - that's about six dollars apiece. So glad we went there.
And here we are at the TelCel center trying to get a little more time on our Banda Ancha - our Internet stick. It was [or is] going to run out of time later today. So we thought we'd add just a little more time to it. Just enough to reach the US. So we bought 100 pesos of time - 400 megabites or 7 days worth. BUT I kind of don't think the guy who helped us really knew what he was doing. He had a very perplexed look on his face and got up and disappeared into the back room for quite a while. He said it was done and okay...but...I have no message from TelCel saying it was done. Guess we'll see tonight if it keeps working or not. 
 If it does I'll post tonight when we get to the truck stop where we'll spend the night - in Los Mochis. If it doesn't I'll post tomorrow when we get to the campground in San Carlos. 
Good bye beautiful city of Mazatlan. 
Until later - The first part of the road is not supposed to be the roughest part - I hope. About 250 miles. We'll be leaving here about 9:30. 


  1. Will you please share where the shop is that you buy the blouses from? I have been looking for cooler shirt but I get so overwhelmed when I go into the market and the sales people all over you until I can't think...I need some help as to location. It is in the market right? TIA

  2. I’ll try to explain. When walking towards the central market from the church plaza keep walking until the street at the very back side. Turn the corner and go to the second aisle. As you turn to go into the market there is a shop on your right that sells purses, wallets, belts etc. On the left is the shop where I bought my blouses. He had about five left at 99 pesos each. They are on a rack in the back corner. I also buy some of them in Cerritos – the second or third shop from the beach. Hope that helps