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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quiet Day

Weather here in Amado, AZ continues to be very warm – low 90s. Enjoying my chair closer to the AC. The low humidity – about 14% - is again drying out the wood used in the cabinets. Big cracks appearing between the pieces of wood. But when we get home the wood will swell back up and be fine. Makes me understand a little about what is happening to my skin too. Looking like a dried up prune.
Pretty much stayed in the campground yesterday. I had to get my NASCAR fix by watching the truck race. All three of Kyle’s trucks finished in the top 10 – good day. Then Bill watched a soccer game between Argentina and El Salvador. Argentina won.
Fixed dinner here last night. Have to cook once in a while.
This morning we went over to the Cow Palace for a delicious breakfast. Bill says there omelets are perfect. Then, of course, watched the NASCAR cup race.
Tomorrow we are meeting Canadian friends that we met in Mazatlan last year for lunch. Small world. 

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