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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Need to take a happy pill

The header is the view from the RV park
Can we go back to paper and pencil and rotary phones and no electronic gadgets!!!
All kinds of things going on. First and foremost we’ll be staying here in Amado until Thursday the 2nd. We have decided to go to Las Vegas again before going home. Completely forgot that it was the week before Easter. That’s what happens when you are traveling and/or getting old. Anyways. Went to 1000Trails web site to check out availability for the 30th. They have one of the most aggravating web sites I’ve ever used. Put in the dates I wanted. Not available. Couldn’t make reservations. Call the membership phone number. So I called the number listed. Well great – message – closed call back during business hours – Mon – Fri etc. etc. So called the reservation number on the membership card. Enter this, enter that, push this, push that. Give dates – okay. Dates not available push 9 to exit. Wait I don’t want to exit. Started over again – changed dates. Not available push 9 to exit. So I pushed 0 0 0 0 0! Oh boy got a person – oh nope – message – call back during business hours! 
So back to the computer – entered membership number, pin number, got correct campground, entered dates, # of people, type of RV. ENTER – not available – changed dates – okay available! Wow! Will be held for 10 minutes THEN THE PAGE DISAPPEARED while I was looking for the confirm button! Okay dates available back to phone to enter that same information. NOT AVAILABLE! What the? So back to computer – same dates – not available. Throw computer across room – no didn’t do it just thought it. Started completely over. Went to web site, put in all information hit enter – Push to reserve site! Push push push. Oh yes, now have reservations in Vegas for the 3rd through the 17th. Where are real live people when we want to talk to them? 
We will make one stop somewhere between here and Vegas to break up the 450 mile drive. Suppose I should try to find a spot or we might end up staying beside the road. Quartzite?
Then Bill went up to office here to extend leave date. Got 10% discount because I mentioned them on the blog! Neat.
Yesterday a friend from home mentioned it was snowing there.
Got up this morning and rearranged furniture. Bill is always freezing – his chair was right next to the AC vents. I am always hot – my chair was near the fireplace and the big oven like windows. So now – my chair is by the AC and his is by the big windows. We couldn’t just sit in the different chair as mine is material and his is leather. I “glow” too much to sit on leather. So here is our new arrangement.
We both also have our own fleece throws. Mine with M & Ms on it for the #18 NASCAR. Bill's with his favorite icon - a happy face. 

Bills chair and ottoman in front of the fireplace and the bookcase he made. Perfect size for paperbacks.  Behind the chair is the wicker basket that is full of stuff. To the left of the fireplace is a cabinet  Bill calls his wine cellar. Does have some bottles in it. 
My material chair it is a recliner too but I like the ottoman (from the chair we got rid of - it has a towel slipcover) The AC vents are on the floor between the chair and the smaller windows. The shelves behind the chair hold DVDs and books. Got the table at WalMart it has the lamp and book holder underneath. 
 All the comforts of home. 
No plans for today – a truck race and a soccer game – unfortunately overlapping in time.
Spring time and plants blooming are playing havoc with Bill’s allergies. One of the reasons we want to go to Vegas is to see how he does there.
And more fun with Verizon – when we went to the store earlier in the week we were told a replacement tablet would be delivered to the store by Friday [yesterday.] We didn’t hear from anyone so I called them. Of course the guy who told us that is now on vacation for two weeks! Asked clerk to check if package for us was in. On hold for 10 minutes. Called back – told new clerk same story, also that some one was supposed to be checking. Let me ask who it is – HOLD – okay I located him, he is picking up the phone now. HOLD 5 minutes. Hung up called back. I want to talk to the manager. Um I’m a manager. “A manager or THE manager?”  Um the manager for this shift. Okay, told story again. Let me check. “NOOO – don’t put me on hold.” Oh, okay, just a minute. … silence on phone…So tell me what is going on again. “A replacement tablet was supposed to be delivered to your store today. Along with the box to return the broken tablet.” Uh – okay. Wait a minute…Okay I found the box to send your tablet to tech support. You have to send the old tablet in and they will check it and then send out a replacement tablet. “WHAT??? – the tablet was supposed to be delivered.” Oh we won’t do it that way – you can’t get a new tablet until tech checks out the old tablet. So you can pick up the box and mail in the old one. When they check it they will mail the new or repaired one back. “No I don’t think so – we will not be here – we leave tomorrow.” Well that’s all that can be done. “Why were we told it would be here today?” I don’t know, but you have to mail etc. etc. “You know what, forget the whole thing. We’ll take care of it somewhere else.”  Forget it? You aren’t going to pick up the box? “NO, goodbye.”
So either we’ll go to a Verizon store in Vegas to see if it can be replaced before we leave Vegas – I doubt it – or we’ll wait until we’re home to do it. In the meantime the warranty will probably expire.
We did go out later to the WalMart and then for dinner at Denny’s. Where I’m sure the waitress is still talking about me. I ordered from the senior menu. Couldn’t decide between chicken and tilapia. Waitress came and I ordered. A few minutes after she left I forgot what I’d ordered. When she brought it it kind of looked like tilapia to me so I asked for lemon and tarter sauce. She gave a kind of funny look but said okay. When she left Bill said “I think you ordered chicken.” I looked at my plate and cut the meat – yep chicken. Waitress still had a strange look on her face when she gave me my lemon and tarter sauce. I felt rather stupid but didn’t want to prove that. So I squirted lemon on my chicken and ate it with tarter sauce. And that was a very good combination and I’ll probably do it again.

No more telling on myself – race is about to start. 

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