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Thursday, March 5, 2015

This and That in Mazatlan

Better late than never - didn't want to let two days go by without posting. We have received more information on the condition of the road north and it doesn't seem to be in as bad shape as we'd originally heard. Only a few stretches of really bad pavement - 20 mph driving to get through it.
A lot of RVs coming in just to spend the night on their way north. The exodus has begun. 
It doesn't take much to get us gringos excited. The Soriana grocery here in Mazatlan has started carrying a new brand "Always Smart" it is made in the U.S. for Soriana distribution only. Some of the things so far are: bacon bits, dill and sweet pickle chips, tomato paste, oatmeal, sandwich spread, macaroni and cheese. And a whole lot of other stuff that used to be hard to impossible to find here. 
We also found some salami that was produced and packaged in the U.S. so if we don't eat it all the border patrol won't take it. 
The last couple of days here have been really windy. And cooler. Today the ocean had lots of white caps and huge waves. 
 Did you want fruit with your sand mister? The vendor could hardly keep the fruit cups covered - the wind wanted to take his plastic covering. Lots of sand in the air. 
 The warning flags out front of Torres. Standing straight out. 
And the palm trees blowing and swaying. Sky was blue and temperatures were nice though. North of us in San Carlos there was rain!
After breakfast we headed to the Central Market to pick up some HOT sauce for our gardener. So why are there pictures of palm trees? When we left here in March a year ago the palm trees on the right on the malecon were not there. When we got here in November they were. Well already several of them have died and they are being replaced. Not only are they having to put in new trees they are then having to rewire the new trees with the lights. We counted at least ten new trees. 
 And this building has been under wraps as it was being restored. They just finished it last week. Looks good. 
 Just an interesting piece of graffiti. 
 Didn't have to have the AC on at all today - so nice. And found out for sure that our friend Tom is finally going to be able to come here to visit us. Next week. So we'll be busy running him all around. 
Around sunset we went over to the beach and Bill met up with some of his vendor friends. We haven't seen them for a while. One was showing us pictures of his new son - very cute.
 And of course the sunset. 


  1. I have a question on your masthead. That looks like sand on the dolphins. How did you get it there, or is on the dolphins? It looks like you made a print of the statue, then sprinkled sand on it and took another photo.

  2. Oops. Took a second look, and think there must be a fountain below that is spraying water up in front of the dolphins.

    1. Yep it is a big fountain - at night the lights on the water change color - very pretty