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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MiFi is working and a nice ride.

Changed the header to a picture taken when we were here in November.
Boy, Bill got up before me this morning. Don’t know whether it was to turn on the furnace or to try out his new chair.
The pretty new chair and ottoman. It is much smaller than the old chair. This one swivels and reclines. Haven't taken the protecting piece off the ottoman yet.
It was delivered yesterday afternoon. And they took the old chair.
The old chair - it had a cover over the tan leather which showed every speck of dirt. This one did not swivel or recline.
When I got up the furnace was running and he was in his chair watching a rerun of the Barcelona game. Just a grinning.
Sure is pleasant the way the desert cools way down at night. But looking at the weather report it will be getting up into the low 90s during the day by the weekend!

Yesterday we went back to Verizon and got our data GBs taken care of – but their plans have changed. We had 15GBs a month – their plans now are either 14GBS or 16GBs no more 15?!? So we have 14 and it started up as of yesterday. And of course the price went up – more for less. Did I mention that while we were in Mexico our Verizon cell phone did not roam – it worked with the Mexican cell companies. That was nice. 
It was such a nice day today we took a ride up to Madera Canyon. From desert to mountain.
 Looking back down the mountain towards Green Valley, AZ. The change in temperature from the valley to the mountain was a surprising 15 degrees lower at 5400 feet.
I think this was part of a Bed and Breakfast. Cute little place. Lots and lots of bird watchers in the areas. Lots of hiking trails.
The Santa Rita Lodge. They have lots and lots of bird feeders. And there were lots and lots of bird watchers there. I wouldn't mind having the money for all the binoculars and cameras there. 
 A closer look at one of the bird feeders and it customers.
 Back down to the desert. I think desert is my favorite landscape. So serene yet formidable.
Very nice ride. 


  1. Have they changed their Passport America regulation. When we were there in Dec. it was for a minimum stay of 3 nites and of course I complained. Maybe they changed it. Jsut want you to know that you auto send of your posts is not working, at least not for me.