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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Mexican lunch in Arizona

The last day of another month. The year is ¼ gone! Good thing I remembered as it is time to back up the laptop again.
Another warm day yesterday here in southern Arizona. It’s not even getting very cool at night now. Also had lots of black clouds in the afternoon. Very black ones again today over the mountains just east of us. 20% chance of rain tonight. We even heard some far away rumbles of thunder.
this is today - looking east

looking west behind us 
It’s weird when I’m here at the table working or playing on the laptop I tend to look up to glance at Bill. For years I’ve looked up to the right and there he was in his chair. Now he’s not there! Oh that’s right his chair is now on the left.
Yesterday we met our friends for lunch in Green Valley and it was kind of like being back in Mexico – except for one major action. We went to a restaurant where we’ve eaten several times. I ordered Fish and Chips, which comes with coleslaw. “Oh, we don’t have any coleslaw. Would you like something else?” No – that’s okay. Bill ordered a Reuben sandwich. Our friend ordered a hamburger. A hamburger! “Oh, we don’t have any buns. Would you like it on bread? We have sourdough, wheat, white or rye.” He took it on sourdough – which was as hard as a rock when delivered. Wife of friend ordered Buffalo Wings. 30 minutes later waitress brought three meals. She looks at wife and says, “I dropped your wings so it will take a minute for them to make another order.” Eventually we got all the food. The difference between here and Mexico – in Mexico they would have gone to the grocery store and bought buns and cabbage and then fixed the meal. Except for the hard bread/bun the food was good. And the company was wonderful. They are now in New Mexico on their way home.
In the same area is a True Value Hardware store that carries the type of hat that Bill likes. So we went in there and he picked up another new hat. His were getting kind of used. On his way to his distinctive car with his distinctive hat on his head and new one in his hand.
Then on to Safeway for groceries. Today we've stayed home - we'll be leaving here Thursday morning. 

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