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Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday p.m.

Cannot believe it is the last day of October already – where has this year gone?
And where did today go? Today was one of Bill’s “off” days. Spent most of it resting. I spent most of it ready my Tom Clancy book. Boy I really have to pay attention to what I am reading to keep everything straight.
This evening we went out for dinner. Mostly just to get out. Went to a Sizzler – haven’t been to one in years. There prices sure have gone up. Meal and service was fine.
We have Direct TV both in the motorhome and at the house. As of tomorrow they will quit carrying our favorite channels – My favorite Speed – where all the NASCAR news etc is and Fox Soccer where Bill’s soccer games are. Also a bunch of other channels. They sure better quit charging me for them as of tomorrow too. Not much we can do about it – can’t change to any other provider. Crap.

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