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Saturday, April 20, 2013

300 Hundred Miles from home.

Well which news should I talk about first? Yesterdays brakes or today’s adventure? I guess a little of today and then yesterday and then back to today.
So first off we are in Eureka, MO about 35 miles west of Saint Louis and less than 300 miles from home. Long day over 500 miles, but then tomorrow will be shorter. Home tomorrow. YES!
Back to yesterday. Here is Bill watching the mechanic fix the brakes.

He got to the RV park about 11:00 and it took a couple of hours to get everything done so needless to say we spent the night in where ever we were. El Reno, OK I think. The front brakes were fine it was the back ones that had problems. The pads were gone! Gone! Gone??? Where did they go? I don’t know. And he also put the front tires on the rear and the better rear tires on the front. So that was the brake saga.
This morning we got an early start – 7:30 – it didn’t get light there until after 7:00. Got through Oklahoma City with no problems. Went the way we always do - through the city - the heck with that Kirkpatrick (or what ever it’s called) Turnpike that goes around the city.
We picked up the Toll Road I-44 just outside of Oklahoma City. The weather was cool and overcast most of the day with just some wind. The scenery was kind of neat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Oklahoma so green.

We stopped for breakfast and gas at a Flying J and to our surprise the gasoline was only $3.099. – That’s quite a bit cheaper than it was in Mexico. Followed the toll road all the way to the Missouri Border. Only two toll booths though. Each one was 9.75 – but the road was very good. And $9.75 seemed so much cheaper than $118.95 – the equivalent in Pesos. And we actually had room on both sides of the mirrors getting through.

I have a question. What on earth would make a person name their roofing company “Fairytale Roofing”?  Just wondering. Saw a billboard for it.
Lots of water laying out in the fields – guess from the rain a few days ago. Sure glad we stayed put and missed it. So into Missouri.

We were planning on stopping in Joplin. Well that didn’t happen. So I found the next RV park, didn’t stop there either. And so it went until we were in Eureka – clear across the state from Joplin. Did enjoy all the redbud and dogwood trees we saw in bloom. I hope ours at home are still blooming.

Also for the first time I saw a sign for a 66oz burger. 66 Ounces! In Doolittle, MO. I guess it is free if you can finish it and the fries and drink in one hour. Otherwise it costs around $37. Strange! Link -
Had to stop for gas one more time – aggravation of the day. A gas pump in a truck stop that won’t let you put more than $100.00 in your tank. It’s a TRUCK STOP for heavens sake. A lot of times you have to rerun your card to get another more gas and another receipt – but this one wouldn’t let us do that. $100 and that was it……
We got here at 6:30 – I thought it was 5:30 but discovered my watch is losing time again. The battery is only six months old so I guess maybe it is time for a new watch. Think I’ve had this one for about 20 years. Hate to give it up though as I really like it.
Also the old camera did a really weird thing today. It numbered the pictures the same as yesterdays pictures?!?!?! And it is getting harder and harder to get the pictures off of it into the laptop. Something wrong with the connection I guess. Trying to tell me something.
After we got settled in – nuts! Can’t get TV too many trees in campground. But MiFi is working good. I actually cooked dinner tonight too. Figured The Driver deserved it. Fixed steak with mushrooms and onions and butter parsley new potatoes. And I even did the dishes.
Before I forget. Russells Truck Stop is in New Mexico about three miles west of the Texas border.
We both will be really glad to get home - just too many days away. Six months.

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