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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Heading out Not sure how far we'll get.

Oh Boy! - We're up but barely moving - well Bill any way. He managed to POP his back last evening when he was hooking up the car - Can just slowly get around this am. Put aspercreme on it and gave him a couple of Advil - hope it kicks in and he starts feeling better.
We will get on the road but now don't know where we'll get to. It is quite cold here - low 30s and there is some wind. But lots of blue sky so hope it will stay okay. We're heading on the I-40 east.
I see from the news that the entire state of Indiana is undert a Tornado Watch for most of the day.


  1. Tell Bill to rest and feel better soon. Rain again here.

  2. Just read your posts on Tucumcari, it is a great town. We had stopped in on our drive down in November.
    We had lunch at Del's.

    I would not have paid for my coffee!!!