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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food, Shopping and 4 x 4 Ride.

Yesterday don’t have much to report about. We went to Georgies for breakfast again. $14.50 for both of us. Bills breakfast – less than $8 for all of it.

Next we stopped at Walgreen’s to see if the laundry sheets they are advertising on TV were like the ones I’ve been trying to find. Nope – they are just soap and stain remover. The ones I used to use also had softener in them. Shoot.
On to WalMart to pick up a few things we needed. After that home to watch a soccer game. Game ended in a tie but during the game Messi got hurt. Pulled hamstring. Don’t know yet if he’ll have to miss any games or not.
Stayed at RV for the rest of the day. Had our leftover KFC for dinner. Bill read and I knitted. Did learn the purl stitch and was doing pretty good until I started watching TV and lost track of what I was doing. I also think I’m not holding the needles right as the purl is sure awkward for me.
Just a view from our door of the RV park.
Now today is a different story. We left here early and went into Sedona to have breakfast at the Coffee Pot Restaurant. 
It is named for a rock behind it that resembles an old fashioned coffee pot. They are famous for their omelets – they have 101 different kinds. You order them by number. Bill had #6 ham and cheese and I had #80 corn beef hash and cheese. Also hashbrowns and toast and coffee. About double the price of Georgies – but interesting place to eat.
Then we went to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village – called
"The art and soul of Sedona.” I’m not sure I’d go that far but there are lots of art galleries and restaurants there. And some pretty interesting architecture. I enjoyed it. This is the parking lot right next to where we parked. They built the wall around the tree.
And this sculpture is in the parking lot too. Metal and green glass. Interesting.
After a couple of shops Bill sat in the shade and waited for me. I found these very interesting. So colorful and different. This one was outside in the garden.
This one inside – had to sneak the picture so it’s not all that good. They are acrylic on wood covered with a resin of some kind.
Just one of the courtyards in the village. Resembles a small church bell and all.
Another courtyard and some of the small shops.
A garden in front of the Secret Garden Restaurant.
This beautiful horse was also in the garden.
Around the corner was a gallery where they sold bronzes and paintings of the west. This cowboy and his dog were out in front of it.
Another shop – oops – gallery that sold glass items. Blown and fused. These wings are made up of individual pieces of glass shaped like feathers. Lots of work to make them.
And my favorite – I’d like to take him home with me.
After leaving there we decided to take a ride up Schnebly Hill Road. Just turning on to the road. We will end up above that butte.
Took lots and lots of pictures on the way up and a video. I hope it will upload now.

 The pictures will be in the next blog. 

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