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Monday, April 15, 2013

Quiet day in Tucumcari, NM

Hooray the wind isn’t blowing this morning. But it is colder. Didn’t turn the little heater on for the night and now am running the furnace to take the chill off. That’s being polite it is darn cold in here.
Yesterday we spent a very quiet day except for the howling wind. It lasted all day. Sure glad we weren't on the road. We had to keep the windows closed to try to keep the blowing fine dust out. So that meant keeping the AC running – I get tired of that sound. But by evening the wind had stopped.
I did see a robin yesterday. A sign of spring or just a sign that we’re in the Southwest. Guess it will count when I see one in Indiana.
Bill fixed breakfast and then we watched a couple soccer games and the boring truck race – I read through most of it. How come Hornaday didn’t get parked for wrecking Wallace Jr during caution? He just got sent to longest line. I guess there are different rules for different people.
And come evening I actually cooked dinner – chicken with onions, peppers, artichokes basted with chimichurri and lemon juice and an olive oil herb angle hair pasta.
We’ll be getting out and about later today. Have to go to market – need tortillas???? Also want to take more pictures of my favorite mural here. And want to go out to dinner tonight to Del’s – they have delicious liver and onions. Yum Yum. 
We are down at 4300 feet now but altitude still bothering Bill. Sure glad we live in Indiana - our house is at one of the highest points in Indiana at 950 feet!  
The trip from now on will probably be a dash for home (oh just looked out the window and there are two robins out there.) by the time we get to Oklahoma City we are like the horse that heads for the barn. So depending on when we leave here we’ll probably be home some time around this coming weekend. Or maybe later….

It's a little later in the day and I've been watching the weather channel and checking the weather across I-40 and I-44 - looks bad for travel starting Tuesday afternoon on for a couple of days.
So maybe we'll be staying here in Tucumcari for a few more days.
Either that or we'll have to hole up in either Shamrock, Tx or just west of Oklahoma City for a few days. We'll see tomorrow when we are supposed to leave.

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