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Friday, April 26, 2013

Life in the Country

A day with no rain, at least not yet and it is up in the 60s.
Ran – well drove – into town this morning and got some plants. Didn’t we say we weren’t going to get any plants this year? The yard cleaner was here yesterday and now everything looks so bare we just couldn’t resist. Got some petunias for the pots out front and three beautiful weeping willow trees. And would you believe they were being delivered as we pulled into the driveway. Talk about service. Bought them from our local (Columbus) Menards.
Took some pictures around the house. Some growing wild flowers. They are all over in the woods and the yard.
Looking out on the side yard by the pond.
When the fishies heard me walking around they all surfaced looking for food. They need to wait for Bill to get out there and play with them.
Had to make another trip just a while ago into Nashville – this is our one and only grocery store for the whole town.
Need to pick up some bread and oil. Bill is making milanese – a whole lot of it. Then we freeze it and he can have sandwiches or dinner when ever he wants some. While in the store I noticed this magazine. Chickens – sure didn’t know chickens had their own magazines. Didn't think they could read......
Heading back home I just snapped this to show some of the flowering trees around here. They are so pretty.
And a visitor out back. Couldn’t get a good picture of the cardinals or the jays. Maybe later they will sit still. 
Trying to get some stuff done around here - vacuuming, laundry etc cause we are getting company tomorrow. Can't wait to see them. 
Also watching NASCAR practice on TV and tonight there is a Nationwide race. Hope Kyle has a better weekend than last. 


  1. Ahhhh, Spring! It rejuvenates us.

  2. It was delightful to see you both! You are such wonderful hosts. Nashville is just an entrancing place. I now understand why it captured your hearts as home base for all your travels. Not sure when our paths will cross again...but I know it will be a treat! You are always welcome to come see us in Alaska. We would love to have you.