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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Horrible Night

It is 3:30 in the morning and both Bill and I are up. There is a train track right next to the campground and a train goes by on it every half hour! Have not been able to sleep at all. The last one - the final straw blew his horn seven - SEVEN - times. Last time for this campground for us. $40 a night and we can't even get TV because of location and trees. It's a KOA  Saint Louis West on the I-44.
So guess we'll get home in plenty of time to watch race today.
Missed the truck race yesterday but guess that was okay as Kyle had a wreck in his truck half way through the race. Oh well every weekend can't be good. But this one has been particulary bad. Wrecked his car in practice and blew engine in truck in practice.
Next post from home.


  1. Hi Carol,
    Why not try cleaning your RV? Works for me!


  2. Our home is about a mile from train tracks, and every night I hear them still after 15 years of living here.