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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wonderful Day Yesterday.

It still seems strange to be home. Yesterday I had to look for the plates to serve dinner. And sitting here at my computer desk using the big PC instead of the laptop. I go to check something and realize I need to transfer it from the laptop to here. Just haven’t got around to it yet.

It rained here yesterday while we were driving back from Indianapolis (more about that later) then stopped and now is raining again and getting much cooler. Supposed to rain most of the day. So far Indiana is experiencing the 4th wettest April in history. Lots of flooding in the northern and western parts of the state.
So yesterday. Spent early part of morning still taking care of business. Last year when we put some of the Wind Spirits in the Antique Mall for sale – ha ha- we had to apply for an Indiana business license. So we did. We had a booth for two months and didn’t sell a thing. Just cost us money. Well when we got home we found a letter from Indiana Tax wanting $780 in taxes to cover our sales. WHAT SALES? And a fine for not filing the forms. WHAT FORMS? So after a long push 2, push 5, push 3 telephone game we got a person who could explain to us what happened. Because we didn’t file the form – which we didn’t know about and which we were supposed to complete on line the gov estimated a tax amount. Nice of the gov. So any way we either have to go on line register with the business section, fill out the form saying we sold nothing or fill out a form to saying we opened the business and closed the business the same day…….and that should take care of everything. Do I believe that? Well we’ll see.
So after that long telephone conversation we were sitting and shaking our heads when the phone rang again. It was our 4th son Paul. He was between planes in Indianapolis and would we like to come up to see him for lunch? Is the Pope Argentine? So we jumped in the car and headed up there. Picked him up and went to a diner to lunch.
Great to visit with him.
Then drove in the rain to get home after leaving him at the airport. By the time we got home the rain had let up so we started to drag stuff out of Jennie. Now we have stuff in bags all over the house and garage. While unloading our friend, our house sitter, showed up so we had him carry a few loads then stopped for the day. I fixed a roast and potatoes and we visited for quite a while. After dinner we sat out on the back porch and enjoyed the evening and watched two deer feed.
So ended yesterday – now we’re off to town again to get things we need and have breakfast. Then home to do some cleaning that needs to be done before we have company this weekend.
Just called the insurance company about the water damage. They will get back to us within a day or two.


  1. How odd to think that we are in the same part of the US after just being in the same part of Mexico! We could have passed cars on the streets of Indianapolis yesterday. :) We ate out at Fugo de Chao last night and...oh my goodness! That place is deadly awesome. Wish we had one of those in Alaska. Glad you got some time with your son. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

  2. Nice to know governments are the same all over, total waste of our money!!

    Still raining here, I think we've had 3 days of sunshine since we got back!!!

    Great photo of you guys!