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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What happened to Spring?

Whoa! We went from spring to winter in a matter of a few hours. Yesterday was a nasty nasty day. As we headed out to breakfast the remaining parts of the blue sky were turning dark gray. And the wind was picking up.
By the time we finished eating the temps had dropped and the wind was ferocious. Flags flapping, tumbleweeds flying down the road and people leaning into the wind to keep from being blown down.

We stopped for gas and when Bill opened the car door it was grabbed out of his hand. Aren't there some laws about drinking and driving. It always amazes me that you can buy beer at the gas stations. And this place has a drive through to - don't even have to get out of your car to get alcohol. 
He had to really hang onto his hat to keep it from blowing away. 
Soon after we got home the rain started – never really heavy in the area of the campground but we could see it in the distance. And we got some hail too. The winds kept up the whole day. Sure glad we weren’t on the road.
When the first of the rain fell I was reminded of my childhood sitting on my Grandmother’s porch listening to the drops hitting the windows and distinctive smell of the rain on the dirt.
We went to the grocery store later in the afternoon and while we were in the store a heavy shower must have passed as Willie was wet and a lot cleaner when we back to him.
Lots and lots of rain during the night and temps still darn cool.
Got a lot of knitting done yesterday – two and a half sections. Today I want to try knitting using two or three colors of yarn. Why? No reason just want to do something different – or maybe try the ribbing stitch – I suppose that would be more useful to learn.
OMG – we went out for breakfast and got to see the SNOW on the mountains around us.
SNOW – it the middle of April for heavens sake. And again it is warmer in Indiana than it is here in Arizona – 77 – 80 at home.
Got some bright yellow yarn while we were out so Bill is winding it into a ball for me as he watches a soccer game. 


  1. Wet and miserable since Monday here!! John says next year we are staying away until end of April.

  2. it feels like summerr here its ninedy and 100 degrees here too hot