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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nicer weather and a visit to Montezuma Castle

The sun was shinning and there was more blue sky than gray today. Stayed cooler than it has been though.
These last two days that have been cold and rainy and keeping us inside have been hard on Bill. He is bored out of his mind! I have my knitting and or beading and the blog to keep me occupied. Also found a new series of books to download. They are by Drew Lindsay and about an ex- policeman in Australia. Lots of action and the setting is interesting. Today there was a Barcelona game that was kind of important – they tied but that is all they needed to do to move up one step in the championship.
After the game we headed out to visit Montezuma Castle. We’ve been there several times but always enjoy going back. It’s one of the parks where we can use our Golden Age Pass. Save a lot of money with it. I’ve posted a lot about this place in previous posts so will try not to just redo the same things.
Walking into the Visitor Center we saw these plants – just getting ready to bloom.
A big hunk of mistletoe hanging in a tree that is just blooming.
And just on the other side of the center this little cactus was going crazy with its blooms.
Further down the path a sign about some of the trees in the area. Sycamores.
They are huge trees with really strange bark. The bark almost looks like camouflage.
And around the corner the first sight of the cliff dwelling. 
It was built over 700 years ago. The farming community thrived here until around 1350 – 1400 when the people began leaving Verde Valley.
Each group living here probably had their own room. The room was about 140 square feet – about 17 x 8. Ceilings were about 5 feet high. Doorways and peepholes provided light and circulation.
A model of what it looked like without the outside walls. 
A little further down the path is Castle A a once imposing six-story apartment-like building with about 45 rooms. 
The river that provided their water. 
We spent quite a bit of time just enjoying the scenery and weather.
After leaving there we hit WalMart for some groceries and then to a Denny's for fish and chips for dinner. 
Tomorrow we will probably leave here - but won't know for sure until morning.  


  1. You two must have walked your feet off visiting the Indian dwellings in the rock walls!

    Gorgeous pics!


  2. The cactus weren't in bloom when we were there in March! Don't rush home, it's still raining and grey here in Toronto.