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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wonderful friends Great Company

Sorry about yesterday. Seemed like the day flew by. Around 10 p.m. I realized I’d not posted. We were busy getting ready for our company. Straightening up, cooking (Bill not me) and running errands. Also had contractor come to look at the water damage and someone stopped by to look at the truck. Might be interested in buying it – I hope – we sure don’t need it.

One neat thing we did see yesterday but I didn’t have my camera with me is a new vendor down by the grocery store. Chain saw carvers. Boy do they have some neat stuff. One thing I fell in love with was a plant bench with carved owls on both sides of it. Bill liked a little black bear crawling out of a tree stump. Here is their web site http://www.ricknasby.com/homepage.html
Our company from Alaska – we met them in Mexico – came around 3 p.m. so that kept us occupied for the rest of the day.
We spent the rest of the day visiting with our friends Craig and Charity. Bill fixed a delicious dinner. Veal picatta with parsley potatoes and salad. No apple pie though as I managed to eat the whole thing myself!
After dinner we introduced them to NASCAR racing on a short track. Unfortunately it was a boring race until the last 20 laps. Kyle didn’t do well – also didn’t do real well in the Nationwide race the night before. Guess every weekend can’t be great.
This morning it is raining supposed to rain most of the day. Dark and gloomy out. Good day to read.
We all went out to breakfast and then Craig and Charity left for Indianapolis where they have to decide how to return home. Fly or drive to Washington state.
Now we’re home and Bill is writing an ad for Craigslist for the Jamboree. Hate to see her go but……


  1. Dear Carol and Bill,
    I am so happy to see that you continue to keep blogging.

    Makes our World seem a bit smaller.

    Your friend,

  2. are you going to get another unit and continue your treks to Mexico? I have been following your travels this winter, and hope to go to Mexico for next winter you have given me lots of info and maybe we can meet up some time. I am hoping to travel east this summer and to visit friends in Montecello ID are you close to there?