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Friday, April 5, 2013

Cathedral Rock in Reflection

We are leaving this wonderful area this morning – only going 160 east miles to Holbrook, AZ where we will probably stay for a couple of days so we can visit the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. Then…?? And it looks like bad weather will be in front of us for a few days - hope it stays there - Thats always a problem going home this time of year.
To finish Wednesdays story - we stayed home for a while then around 4:00 when the sun was getting lower in the sky we headed for the Upper Red Rock Loop to check out the sun shinning on the red rocks there. Oh Yah – perfect.
So on down to Red Rock Crossing. We had to pay to park - only $9 - to walk back towards Cathedral Rock along Oak Creek. Every time we’ve been in Sedona in the past I’ve seen beautiful pictures of Cathedral Rock reflected in Oak Creek. I was determined to see it in person and get my own pictures.  So I put on my tennis shoes instead of sandals to protect my healing toe and off we set. Both cameras slung over my shoulder. The old Sony is getting more and more unreliable so…..
Walking towards the rock big and beautiful in front of us.
Past some of the buildings of the old ranch that sat on this site. There is a creek here and a water wheel.
Hiking down the wooded red dirt path along the creek heading towards the rock. The weather was perfect for this. Not to hot and not to cool and bright sun shine.
Oh Yes – a view of the rock.
And somewhat of a reflection in the creek. There were several people in this area and they were splashing around in the water enjoying it. But that made to many ripples in the water to get a good photo. Couldn’t hardly chase them out – as much as I wanted to.
So we kept walking on up river past these small rapids.
More reflections in the water – just a faint reflection of the rock but pretty non the less.
And we saw lots and lots of these cairns ( piles of stones done by people passing by.) Some of them were pretty clever.
Some of the smooth red rock along the creek. Interesting to see how the water and wind shape rock.
A cairn sitting out on a rock in the middle of the creek.
As we rounded a curve we came up on these girls on their horses. Stood and watched for a while. There were four horses one with the instructor the other three with teenage girls on them. The black horse ridden bareback by one of the girls loved the water. Went right in and enjoyed it.
One of the brown horses was willing to go a little ways in the water – but no further. He just raised his front legs and pounded the water. No amount of coaxing would make him go further in. The third brown horse wouldn’t even get near the water. No way!
Now the black horse has two of the girls on his back and he is swimming away. The brown one is still just slapping the water.
The water got deep quick. Remember these girls are on the horse bareback. Hang on!
A short video of the horse swimming. We stood and watched them for quite a while.


Then we headed back towards where the car was parked.
OH YES – everyone was gone and the water was smooth – MY PICTURES
And another one.
Did you say you wanted to see more?
And again – but this is mostly of the trees.
And just the rocks with some ripples on the water.
Can't you just hear the lovely flute music floating through the air. Wish I could add some here. Okay enough. Still heading towards the car.
Looking back and through the new spring growth on a tree.
This is taken from the view point up on the Upper Red Rock Loop – where we started out.
Can’t get enough pictures of that rock. This is the last one I promise.
There is supposed to be a vortex up on Cathedral Rock. It is said to have feminine energy – characterized by concepts like softness, receptiveness and compassion. It is reportedly at its strongest right on the creek where it is closest to the rock formation.
And all of that means? I don’t have a clue. If you want more information check out this site.  Vortex Link
In this area vortexes are thought to be created from spiraling spiritual energy. The energy of the vortexes interacts with one’s inner self. It must be experienced to be understood.
I think it’s just the beauty of the surroundings.
Thursday we had a busy day too but will write about it later. We went to Jerome and an old Ghost Town in that area. My poor toe and foot is screaming at me.


  1. When I bought a home in Sedona, I mentioned to the agent that the rock formation to the left looked more like a cathedral than Cathedral Rock. It is all solid, and has no gap in the middle. She said that it originally was, but some mapmaker years ago mislabled the formations and his mistakes survived. In your next to last picture you can see both Courthouse Rock on the left and Cathedral rock in the center.

  2. You captured some really wonderful and inspiring pictures Carol. Thankis so much for sharing.