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Thursday, April 18, 2013


We are about 30 miles west of Oklahoma City for the night and maybe longer. We left Tucumcari this morning around 8:00 - it was blooming cold out! Bill and our friend Tim getting ready to leave.

We drove 324 miles and are in a KOA campground. Hope to get going again tomorrow but there seems to be a problem with the brakes in Jennie.....She is groaning and growling like crazy when we're stopping. Bill thinks we lost a pad??? We have a mechanic who will be here first thing in the a.m. to check them out. So until then we're kicking back and Bill is taking care of his back. Between the peyote salve, advil and time he says it is feeling a little better. Sure hope so.


  1. Peyote salve? (Get a couple of bags of frozen peas and ice the hell out of where it hurts; take 3 or 4 Advil instead of 2 - those are prescription Space dosages-600 and 800 MG, and do gentle stretching to get the area limber again, try and loosen the muscles. The tendency is to try and hold those muscles tight, But they need to relax.) This can reduce recovery time from days or weeks down to hours, if followed - at ll costs, consciously try to release any tension being held in the back.

  2. Funny...where it says 'Space dosages' in my last comment...I was dictating by voice on my iPhone, and I wanted to add a space between words. Each Advil (or Ibuprofen or Motrin) otc is 200mg. Over the counter adult dosage is 2 tablets or 400mg. Doctors often order 600 or 800mg pills for severe inflammation.