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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Standing on a Corner in Winslow, AZ

We are into our 170th day on the road since we left home in October. But we are now heading east on the I-40. When we got up this morning we decided to head out. But first we went out to breakfast to Georgie’s.  Got back to the campground, packed up and headed out at 11:00.
Almost to Flagstaff we saw our first snow – it was a long ways away on top of a mountain. 

Got to I-40 and turned east towards home.

Passing an old Route 66 landmark – the Two Arrows. The old trading post near them is falling to ruin too.

Uneventful trip for a few hours. Lots of black clouds in the sky and some wind but nothing bad. And then we did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. We stopped in Winslow, Arizona.

Remember the old Eagles song “Take it Easy” with these words
Well, I'm a standing on a corner
In Winslow, Arizona
And such a fine sight to see
It's a girl, my lord
In a flatbed Ford
Slowin' down to take a look at me

Come on, baby
Don't say maybe
I gotta know if your sweet love
Is gonna save me

Well we went to the corner –and there he stands with the flatbed ford and the girl reflected in the window behind him. Oh Yeah!

Take a look at the second story windows – a big bird perched on one and a couple smooching in another.

The Route 66 emblem in the intersection.

Of course I had to go in the Standing on The Corner shop across the street.

Did I buy anything? Of course I did. A magnet, a hat pin, a mouse pad and a t-shirt. They had lots of stuff in there so I did pretty good.
Walked down the street a ways looking in the little stores and restaurants. I liked this place with the painted mural.
An old theater.

More of the buildings on the main street – old Route 66.

Inside the window of one of the stores was a big plastic orange M & M so we went in to see how much it costs. Turns out it wasn’t for sale belongs to the owner’s daughter. Shoot. Got talking to her and asked how the town managed to survive. She said actually it was in pretty good shape as around 300 people work for the railroad, another couple hundred for a big prison and the tourists. She said about five years ago there were many more tourists than now. Also there is a big Indian reservation near by that provides lots of help to the economy.
A couple more of the buildings.

And who could this be?

From there we continued on just a little ways past Holbrook to a Passport America rv park. Kind of in the middle of no where but the TV works and hopefully the MiFi – It says it is connected but it is very very slooooooow.
Lots of black clouds looks menacing – hope a big storm doesn’t hit here. According to the weather channels it is just supposed to be partly cloudy here with no rain. Sure hope so.
We did go back into Holbrook for dinner at McDonalds – when did they get so expensive? Every time we eat at one we pay more for the same thing. Gasoline is cheaper here though only?!? $3.34 and diesel is 3.71.
Tomorrow we hope to go to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest National Parks.


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  1. The next time you go through Winslow, be sure and check out La Posada Inn, the old Fred Harvey hotel. It has a first class restaurant, and has been refurbished to it's original splendor. Nice grounds, and you can walk out to the tracks. Amtrak trains stop there, but at awful hours. A fun place to spend some time. And not touristy.