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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Staying in Tucumcari for a few days

We are still at Kiva RV Park in Tucumcari. Old car and 50s sign out front.
And will be here for the next couple of days. Lots and lots of nasty weather in the plains states. Most of the campgrounds we stay at on the way home are out in the boonies so don’t want to be stuck there. Here at least there are a few things to do and see.
Yesterday was nice and warm, today it’s supposed to be windy again and by tomorrow and the next day quite cool! Even dropping below freezing Wednesday night - hope the weather report is wrong!
Going to the RV park of Kiva you pass a nice mural. 
This town has lots of nice murals and I think I’ve taken pictures of all of them at one time or another.
And here is Jennie – as I mentioned we are parked headed west – most of the other sites face north or south. So we had the best position for the wind – head on into it. No rocking and rolling.
Went out and about yesterday for a while. One of the older motels still in business on Route 66
Stopped at a restaurant for breakfast and had an encounter with one of the waitresses. There was a family in the restaurant about finished with their breakfast. They had a child about two or three. And he was yelling his lungs out. Not crying. Just yelling. Guess he liked the echo or sound of his voice. We couldn’t even hear what the waitress was saying to us. So I made a remark about gagging the kid. Oops – it was a relative of hers! She took our order, stopped at the table with the screaming kid and talked to them so they all turned around and gave us the evil eye. Meanwhile the kid is still screaming. And then she showed us. She never turned our order in. After a couple of tables that came in after us got served their meals we figured out we would never get ours. So we got up – paid for our coffee and left. As she tried to take our money she said “I didn’t do it on purpose.” Oh no? And I say tried because she either wouldn't or couldn't get any of our credit cards to work. Finally gave her cash - AND Bill tipped her - could have smacked him. We won’t be going back there.
So we went to Denny’s. Have you been to Denny’s lately? They are doing a bacon push. Somehow these just don’t sound good to me. 
Heart attack waiting to happen.
I mentioned this little town is full of murals. This is one of my favorites. This mural is on one side of an old gas station. It says “What da heck & Where’s my horse?”
The other side of the station.  Says “Hee, Hee, Hee”
On to the grocery store – went for tortillas but even found Häagen Dazs.
And like everyone else spent most of the afternoon watching TV about Boston. Cannot even imagine the kind of mind that could do that.
Went out to dinner at Del’s – very good restaurant here and I had my favorite liver and onions. Sooo good. 
Brrrr need to go turn the furnace on for a while the little heater is just not cutting it this morning. 


  1. I can't figure out that first mural. The center 1/3rd appears to be painted by somebody else, then blended at the edges. Or there is a panel on the wall that once was a door, and it sticks out a bit. Maybe it you weren't shooting the picture head-on, it would be more obvious. I think I will go to Google street view and try and figure out.

  2. I didn't find the mural you found, but on the wall of the parking area of Everyone"s credit union, there appears to be a long mural of the S.P. Daylight. Looks interesting.

  3. You should have smacked him and talked to the owner. The old car is a Studebaker.

  4. This town has many murals - the train one is really long and very real looking.
    The center panel of the RV park mural is raised about 3/4 of an inch from the sides. looks like a door was patched or something. I took another picture of it and willpost tomorrow.