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Friday, April 12, 2013

Day for Adventure

The big black clouds just passed us by last night – no wind, no rain. Today we woke up to a clear blue sky.
Yesterday I bought a new mouse pad in Winslow and I guess it was just too much for my mouse. He went crazy! And I do mean crazy. Grabbing anything he got near and moving it around. Or shutting it down or making it disappear! Well poop on him. He is now in the trash and I’m hoping the buttons on the laptop will cooperate with me in trying to make this post. Don’t know if we can find a computer supply place in Holbrook. Hope so.
[and as an aside – no it wasn’t the new pad – mouse had been acting up for a couple of days.]
We have MiFi reception here but it is spotty and slow. We are so in the middle of no where. I can look out the front window and see miles and miles of nothing- just flat brown grass. Can even see the curvature of the earth clearly.
I’ve got all my maps for the two parks near here – so should be a fun day. Lots of pictures.
More guns on campus? What the heck is going on with people? Are we all going nuts?
I hate the news stations – nothing but sensationalism. And who cares about Lindsay Loham being late for her movie opening? Think I’ll put on the racing channel.

1 comment:

  1. Enjoying reading about your travels in reverse to what we did in November.
    Crappy weather here still under winter storm watch.
    John filled up yesterday and had sticker shock! it wasn't costing us more than $40 in the States and here it was $60!!