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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Schnebly Hill Ride

Didn’t notice until a reader pointed it out to me – Coffee Pot rock is in the header – it is the first rock on the right – shaped like an old stove top percolator. We had one it was deep blue with white spots. Showing my age there. 
So a little information about Schnebly Hill Road. It is about 13 miles long and runs from Sedona to the I-17 through the red rock country. In the early 1900s this was the route to Flagstaff. It started out as a cow trail but was turned into a usable supply route by T C Schnebly. It was first used to transport lumber to built Schnebly’s home. Then it was used to transport goods south to the Schnebly’s general store. It would take days to reach Flagstaff by this route.
The road climbs over 2200 feet from Sedona to the top of the Mogollon Rim. 
The video of the ride is in the post before this one. 
Mostly this blog will be about pictures not commentary. Words cannot describe it.  The first part of the road is pavement – that soon gives way to scraped red dirt with some rocks embedded in it. Not too bad just bumpy.
Just one of the magnificent views.
Another view
And more – it is so hard to take pictures as you don’t know where to turn the camera. Then I want to post them all - believe me you are only getting a small taste of what I took. 
If you double click on the pictures they will get bigger and make kind of a slide show without all the blah blah. 
The road was getting a little rougher. But Willie was loving it. Finally back out where he belongs.
You don't get a real picture of the road there are lots of lumps and bumps in it too. 
Notice the darker colored rock on the point. I wonder how long before it will completely detach itself. 
Just a good example of the layers in the rocks, each with a subtle difference in their shade of red. 
Stopped here to look down at the pond below us. No water flowing down now but I can imagine it in a rain storm. There were hikers down by the pond. More power to them. They were hiking almost as fast as we were driving. 
Road was getting a little rougher and more curves without guard rails. Go Willie!
Getting closer to the top.
Another look at some of the rocks and how they slowly wear away with time and weather. 
More of the same area. Just a broader view. 
And yet more rocks - a panoramic view - using the "other" camera.
Looking down towards the valley. 
More rocks
And yet more rocks - see the layers of different rocks there?
A couple of views for almost the top. On a clear day you can see forever!
 And ever.
And then some.

The little tree that could. Amazes me how these plants can start growing and thrive coming right out of the rocks. 
Looking back at the road we came up.
Finally at the Vista point.
Doesn’t Willie look happy?
Should we go back the way we came?
Or continue on to the I-17. No brainer there. 
One of my readers told me that there used to be a gas station up here at the vista point. Long gone now. 
Once on the I-17 we headed home for some down time. Then later we went out for a short hike solely to take pictures of reflections. But more about that later when the MiFi decides to work again. There are about eight other RVers around us using MiFi so it has slowed down to “I’ll work when I want to” time. 


  1. Great pictures. Carol, you can still buy those coffee pots even at Walmart in the camping section.

  2. Stunning pix! Thanks for sharing...

    Cheers, Peter.