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Friday, April 5, 2013

Change in Plans & Visit to Grand Hotel

2nd post today - our plans have changed. We will be here in Sedona for a couple more days at least and maybe a week at most - some of it depending on the weather east of us. By Wednesday it will start to be rainy and windy along our route.
So tomorrow and Sunday we'll continue to enjoy the beautiful country around here And of course watch the soccer games and NASCAR races.
And later today I'll work on a post about what we did yesterday. Visited Jerome and an old ghost town with lots an lots of interesting stuff.

Part of what we did during our visit to Jerome was find the Jerome Grand Hotel to check it out. It advertises the best view of the Verde Valley – if not the best it is pretty close to it. Finally found the road (?) up to it. Sign says one lane and that car coming down has the right of way. They weren’t kidding – barely one lane. Luckily we didn’t met any cars.
The front of the hotel.
It was built in 1926 as the United Verde Hospital serving Jerome and northern Arizona as the most modern hospital of its time. It was completed in nine months! When the mine closed so did the hospital. In 1996 it reopened as a hotel. It is a five story building now housing the hotel and restaurant. I went inside and walked around a bit and checked out the restaurant – great view. But don’t think we’ll be staying there any time soon. From $125 to $460 a night! They even have a ghost hunting experience…..
The restaurant is on this side of the hotel. Hard to imagine it as a hospital.
I think this car might belong to the “ghost.” It’s been here a while.
Looking down towards Jerome and the Verde Valley. Lots of history here.
We didn’t met any cars going down either. 

See earlier post below for lots of pretty pictures.

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