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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting back into the swing of being home.

Yesterday was UGLY UGLY – cold and rainy most of the day. It’s the end of
April for heavens sake – what happened to Spring?
We went into town early to see some friends and have breakfast then to Menards (our Home Improvement store.) Bill wants a couple more weeping willows for out front. Like we don’t have enough trees already. But they are pretty. Then of course to Wal*Mart to get what we forgot on Monday. I was craving apple pie so got a couple of frozen ones. Cooked one immediately when we got home. Half of it is gone and so is my craving. What was I thinking?
Rain let up a little in the afternoon so we hauled more stuff out of Jennie. I thought we had it all out but realized all the computer program disks I always take with us “just in case” haven’t surfaced yet. And a couple of books I haven’t read yet are missing. Guess I need to start going through the bags in the garage. Right now I’m transferring all the data on the laptop to my external hard drive so I can transfer some of it to the PC. Finally got most of that done and the PC updated. Hope I didn’t delete anything I still need.
The sun is now out and it is pretty but still cold. Doing the last of the trip laundry and still unpacking bags and trying to remember what came out of the Alfa so we can put it in a different pile for when we get it home.
Spent part of the day reading a library book that I needed to finish before tonight when it expired. First time I’ve even come close to not finishing one in seven days.
Going to post this now as I heard the dryer buzz.
This year in the motorhome we did 5,963.4 miles and were gone just one day short of six months 179 days. Longer than usual. 

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