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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Red Rock Loop and Old Cottonwood tour

Yesterday was supposed to be bright and sunny but turned out somewhat overcast and cooler – so that kind of changed our plans for the day. Except for breakfast – we went to Georgies for breakfast.
Love that restaurant. Homey atmosphere, good and ample food and inexpensive. Bill had eggs, a 6oz piece of ham, hash browns, toast and coffee, I had eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, hash browns, toast and coffee – all for $15. And everything was cooked to perfection. We will be going back there for lunch – they have incredible pastrami sandwiches.
I finally managed to get the video of the train ride posted. There are about five or six people around us now with MiFis and it has slowed us and I imagine us everyone else way down. It’s just below this post.
After breakfast we headed towards Sedona to take the Red Rock Loop drive. The sun kept popping in and out so thought we’d give it a try. I like this group of rocks just before town. As I said the colors are not as intense without the sun shine.
Cathedral rock from one of the pull out view points. I hope before we leave here we can walk into the park closer to the rock.
Today the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky – and we are going to hang around here and watch a couple of soccer games. But we will get out and about too. [later – spoke too soon – lots of clouds forming and at 11:30 only 67F out]
Another picture from view point. There are so many colors of green in the plants – almost didn’t look real. Kind of like a painting where the artist took “artistic advantage” of the colors.
Another view point and another picture of Cathedral rock. 
You've got to love the desert - all the tiny plants that live in such an unforgiving area. 
Another picture from one of the view points. These trees are so interesting. And even more shades of green in the plant life. 
Didn't spend much time here because of the lack of sun. So we headed home for a while - Bill's is still sniffing and sneezing - begining to sound more like allergies. 
Later we went out for a short ride to Old Town Cottonwood just to walk around and enjoy the out of doors. 
We saw several wooden whiskey barrels that have been painted and decorated. This one is out in front of an Italian restaurant.
Looking across the street at the older buildings. Lots of wine tasting shops and "antique" shops in the area. 
We went into an Olive Oil shop to check it out. Lots and lots of different balsamic vinegars and flavored olive oils. Smelled good in there. The building itself was interesting too - over 100 years old. 
This is one of the two barrels inside this shop. Different style very pretty. 
Walking down the street past one of the antique shops. Thought the exterior was kind of interesting. 
Continuing on - this is kind of an "Hummm???" sight. A BIG stuffed dog hanging out the passenger window of a parked car. 
A wine tasting shop with yet another barrel. 
A big mural on the side of a new age/spiritual store. Unfortunately the sun was in the wrong place and I couldn't get a good picture of it. 
This picture speaks for itself. Check out the name. 
We turned around here and started back towards the car up the other side of the street. But before crossing I noticed this on a short wall. No idea of why it was there but thought it was cute. 
Looking down I saw this in front of one of the stores. It's address with some bling added for interest. I like that idea. 
And what can we all do with the dead trees in our landscape. Why not this? I might try this at home. 

And who wouldn't love him in their garden. Such a cute face. 
Another wine tasting shop and another barrel.
As I walk I do a lot of looking down - making sure of my footing - partly because of walking so much in the last few months in Mexico with the cobblestones and partly because I don't want to aggravate my toe by stepping on a rock or something. The benefit is I see a lot of different things. Like this mosaic in the garden rocks. 
And another Hummm moment - Party time?
A really neat mural on a side wall. 
This is a museum - but it was closed as it was 5:00 already. 
So that was our outings for yesterday. Right now we're watching the soccer game. Later we might go into Sedona to check out some of the shops. And maybe a couple of dirt roads. 

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