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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Checking out Amarillo

Another day to be spent in Amarillo. In fact a few more days to be spent here. After checking out the weather on line and on TV we’ve decided to stay put until Monday. We could have made it to Oklahoma City but then would have been in Oklahoma or Missouri during severe weather that is coming to that area over the weekend. At least it is warm here and the wind has changed directions and let up some.
Just an interesting trash barrel we saw.
The wind yesterday – that is not fog it is dust.
Yesterday after breakfast at the Iron Skillet – a Petro Truck Stop restaurant and always good - we went to visit the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum.
Another of the life sized sculptures out front.
Into the lobby. Senior fee $5.00.
The first hall we entered was all about the Buffalo Soldiers – the 9th and 10th Calvary and the horses they rode. Information about the training of the horses.
A photo of the training.
More information about the Buffalo Soldiers – they were stationed at Fort Huachuca, AZ.
Photos of some of the soldiers.

The American Quarter Horse beginnings.

A small sculpture – the detail is amazing.
For some reason I always thought of the Quarter Horse just as a working horse. Had no idea it was so versatile or did so much racing.
The other halls gave the history of the racing Quarter Horse. Very interesting museum to visit.
Back outside again.
Then we went home to watch another soccer game. Unfortunately Real Madrid won. This was a game in the Champions League. Finally got started catching up on the laundry. Then out to dinner – passed this parked truck – it was carrying a paddle/wing for a wind turbine. I sure wouldn’t like to be driving one of those trucks – they are sooooo long. A sign on the truck said "Wide Turns" no kidding - I don't know how they could make any kind of turn. 
Saw these at the check out stand after dinner. Supposedly they can be eaten. Just don’t think I could do it. The cashier told us one trucker bought four of them for his kids. He said they always wanted him to bring them something home. And he figured these suckers would put a stop to that. Wonder if it did?
Still doing laundry today and still watching John Wayne movies. This morning we drove into town and drove along old Route 66.
Found two more of the painted horses – learned they are called Amarillo’s Hoof Prints. There are 96 here in town – wonder how many we can find????
Called "Amarillo Super Spirit" at 1000 S Polk

Called "Stained Crystal/Pretty Boy" at 6th & Georgia
Also stopped at the Visitor Center and got some information about what else to do around here. Another post.

My Peeps are finally hard enough to eat – I love them!

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