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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quiet Day in Arizona

Brrrrr…it was cold here this morning – 45 according to tour outside thermometer!  And it is so dry – 6% humidity. Already the wood cupboards are starting to show cracks between the pieces of wood. Yesterday was warm but pretty windy so with the windows open it stayed comfortable in here until late afternoon.
Just checked the weather along our route home. Glad we’re staying here for a few more days. Some nasty weather through Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois.
Watched the NASCAR race in the afternoon. Lot of action – but way too long. I found out I could knit a row on my new project during each commercial. So got a whole lot done during the race.
Bill is cooking breakfast trying to warm up some. Smells good.
AAARRRGGG...I thought knitting was supposed to be relaxing and stress reliving. I just realized I knitted about ten rows to many on the pattern!!!@@@###***so will have to make like a frog and RIP IT   RIP IT   RIP IT. Guess it is time to learn how to count rows accurately so I rip out the right number. GGGRRR. Maybe it wasn’t so smart knitting during the commercials – just too many of them. As near as I can figure I forgot to move one of the numbers on my little row counter. So instead of being on row 50 like I should have been I was on row 40!

Took Willie to get him washed today. He sure was dirty. 

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