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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Check these out. Bill and nurse waiting to be checked out. Juan was on the phone with the insurance company – they’d transposed a couple letters in our policy number and instead of calling anytime during the last 11 days they were trying to straighten it up while Bill was grinding his teeth waiting to go home.
Willie was over-joyed to be back in The Driver’s hands.
Went to market to get Bill things to eat that he’d missed and then on home. He fixed himself a big salad and then took a nap.
He was sent home with two different antibiotics for two weeks and might have to get more. He has to go in on Saturday for a test just to be sure things are still good. 
A couple people have asked when our tourist cards expired – if we’d be able to get out of Mexico in time. I sure hope so they don’t expire until May 21st. Hope we are home by then.
I had to laugh last night – I got in a Pulmonia and told the very young driver where I wanted to go. I always tell them the name of the big hotel across the street and as we get close point them to the RV park. So I told the guy “Torres Mazatlan.” He gave me a blank look and said, “Mazatlan?”  “No, Torres Mazatlan.”  Another blank look, “Torres?”  So I motioned straight ahead – and said, “Cerritos.” That’s the area at the end of the street we are on. Thinking he has to know where that is. Nope. Another blank look but he did start up and headed the right direction. About half way through town he pulled over to the curb and stopped. I’m saying “NO NO Cerritos.” But he stopped to ask a guard in front of one of the stores where Torres Mazatlan was. What was this his first day on the job? Anyway the guard looks at me and asks “Where you want to go?”  I said “Torres Mazatlan.” “Oh, Torres Mazatlan.” “Si.” So he starts telling the driver to go over the bridges around the marina [I can understand most of this conversation so I’m thinking this is okay.] The driver is nodding his head, okay okay. Then the guy giving directions says he doesn’t know how to tell him where Torres Mazatlan is. I reply don’t worry if he gets me that far I’ll point it out to him. Thinking boy this driver is going to be really confused when I have him go right by the Torres sign. But off we went and after we got around the corner past the last bridge I just kept motioning straight ahead wishing I could remember which word meant straight derecho or derecha.  Now I know derecho means straight. But we finally made it. When he left me off in front of the RV park I pointed across the street and said, “Torres Mazatlan.” Got a smile and a nod. Good luck to him and his passengers for a few weeks.
Glad I have Bill back.

He is up now and checking out 11 days worth of stuff on his computer. Funny how even when he is sleeping it doesn't feel so empty in here. 
Oops almost forgot to back the laptop up. I try to remember to do it at the end of every month. 


  1. Glad to hear Bill is home and on the mend. Hopefully things will just keep improving. Take it easy and enjoy the sunshine!!

  2. So glad to hear Bill is home for good!!!
    A pulmonia driver who doesn't know where Torres is?? EVERYONE knows where Torres is!!!

  3. so glad Bill is home !! keep getting better and stronger !! Hugs to you both !!