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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Left New Mexico - in Texas

We are in Amarillo TX at the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. Very nice place. Good WiFi and big spaces. So now we are less than 1000 miles from home – actually 994.5. And we are finally below 4000 feet altitude – so Bill is enjoying things more. BYW he is feeling really good, still on antibiotics - won't stop them till we get home and he can get checked again. 
We left Tucumcari around 9:00 Mountain Time and got to Amarillo 12:45 Central Time. Just in time to get parked and watch the soccer game we wanted to see. Perfect timing.
A last picture from Tucumcari – The gas station is closed – the motorcycle and car are murals.
We stopped at Russell’s Truck Stop for diesel and breakfast. Some pictures from inside Russell’s store – also a mural behind the coke machine.
Inside the diner part – love the look – red, white and silver.
Notice the lights behind the glass block counter.
Just a small part of the collections in the place.
Inside the car museum. One of the cars
Another couple cars. Wouldn’t you love to own one?
A coke collectible.
We could spend hours just looking at things in here. For more pictures from Russell’s click here to see my blog from last year.
I’m going to stop here for today – Will write tomorrow about our afternoon and evening in Amarillo. I’m so full from dinner I don’t want to fool with the pictures. Had a great evening at dinner. Right now it is 8:30 and the sun has just barely gone down. Still daylight out. 
We are watching the weather closely - storm moving in tomorrow night. We plan on staying here for tomorrow at least - maybe longer...

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  1. Our son lives in Amarillo and we love to stay there and the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. Have you seen the prairie dogs down the road. Except for the wind, we love Amarillo. Enjoy your stay