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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Flying Fish

Sunday morning – and more dust and wind – never let up all night. Yesterday we had winds at 32mph with gusts up to 51 mph. No wonder we were rocking so much. In fact there was so much dust in air it looked like dusk all afternoon and we lost Internet signal both from the parks WiFi and the Verizon MiFi – This morning we lost the TV signal – had to reset the satellite.
We went out to breakfast at the Iron Skillet – Bill finds that if he eats a big breakfast the antibiotics don’t upset his system so much. Going out for breakfast works for me too. When we got home I spent some time wiping up all the dust in here. Can do it two or three times a day and everything is still gritty feeling.
One of our sons just bought some remote control toys. Giant fish! Here is a link to our daughter-in-laws facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/alexsirimarco There are two videos of the fish on it. I love them. Can you imagine taking them for a walk in an RV park? Or float them into a room with unsuspecting people in it. Oh I have an evil mind. And this is the 40 something son that tells me I need to grow up.
Watched the race last night – pretty good race. Interesting finish. Kyle managed to finish 3rd – coming from 14th after getting tires on the last caution.
Our fourth great grandchild is here. A little girl named Ivory Rose. I love the name. That is who I’m knitting the blanket for – but she won’t be getting it for a while. I’ve only got one five block strip done and there will be five strips.
Tomorrow morning we’ll leave and hope to make it to Oklahoma City – and then we should be able to follow behind the bad weather until we’re home.

3:30 in the afternoon and Bill has the Jeep hooked up and all the connections except the electric put away. Guess that means we’re leaving early tomorrow morning for sure. Wind or no wind. He says he doesn’t want to unhook until we pull into our driveway. Hummm…

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  1. Lovely name for your latest great grandchild. Get knitting!!