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Friday, April 4, 2014

How high's the water Mama? 3 feet high and rising.

Another quiet day. And again glad we’re not home. Got another email from our house sitter and he says he can’t get up to the house. Remember we live in one of the highest places in Indiana – altitude 942 feet – Yep that’s right 942 feet. So we are at the top of a hill. And all the roads leading up to our house are flooded. No way through. One way up the creek has overflowed it banks is has flooded the road. The other road up the intersection has three feet of water in it. They’ve had over 7” of rain in the past 36 hours.
Learned another lesson today – one I should have known. Last night reading in bed I was munching on jelly beans, but didn’t eat them all. Left a few of them on the night stand. I've got to say I've learned a lot of things not to do this year. 
Bill is napping so I thought that sounded like a good idea too. Laying there with my eyes closed – was something crawling up my arm. Swat. Rub. Now on my face. Swat Swat. Again on my arm. This time I looked – a itty bitty tiny ant. Crap. So I got up. Then I realized it was time for Bill’s antibiotics so I woke him up and while he was up I turned the lights on – CRAP – the jelly beans were covered with itty bitty tiny ants – and from there they were venturing onto the bed and me. UGH! Threw out my precious jelly beans and Windexed the heck out of the night stand. But I know tonight I’ll feel them crawling all over me. Have to go outside and see if I can figure out where they are coming in.
We went to WalMart again this morning. The pineapple upside down cake I bought yesterday is pretty good – but it is even better with whipped cream on it and we ran out last night. Also wanted to get some cranberry pills for Bill as he hates the cranberry juice and the doctors said it will help him keep the bacteria down. Tomorrow morning he has to go to the clinic for a test to make sure everything is still okay. I hope his bacteria counts are down further and/or hopefully gone.
Also found some Johnsonville Italian Sausage at WalMart – so that’s what we had for lunch.
There is a NASCAR Nationwide race later today – if the weather in Texas stays good. My driver will have to start 36 out of 40 because his car didn’t make it through inspection in time to qualify. Oh well. Tomorrow we might venture out to watch a soccer game at the sports bar in the Marina. Depends on how Bill feels.
I kind of miss my daily adventures on the busses and pulmonias.
We did go out for a little ride around sunset – the sunset wasn’t much but we did catch the divers. There is always one guy who we call the “poser.” He stands up on the railing posing like he is going to dive.
In the mean time the diver is down in the crowd soliciting money. Then he climbs up the stairs or rock to join the poser.
Then he climbs up on the rail and watches the waves to time his dive
And there he goes – but I moved the camera and missed him in mid air.

Then on home where I actually fixed dinner: steak smothered in onions and mushrooms, garlic mashed potatoes and corn.
By then Bill was ready to take it easy for the rest of the evening. I watched the leader board of the race. My guy finished 2nd. In 20 laps he went from 36 to 6th and even led some laps. Hope he does that well Sunday.

That’s all folks J Oh my goodness I didn’t know that would happen when I did this  (-:)


  1. Good Luck on the tests! Keep getting better ! Hugs to you both !

  2. Good luck today! Maybe you should take Bill in a pulmonia or on the bus, I think he'd enjoy it.