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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I learned to Bargain

Egads – Another month already. And April Fools Day – Wonder if they celebrate that here in Mexico? It has been 183 days since we left home. Long time. 
Every year when we say we are going to spend the winter in Mexico a lot of our neighbors and friends and even family ask, “Aren’t you afraid there?” Well folks these next two sentences are from our local paper:
“3 Dead In Indianapolis Apartment Shooting, No Arrests”
"2 shot on northeast side of Indianapolis"   Both within the last three days. No we’re not afraid to be here. But I don’t think I want to go to Indianapolis.
I finally drove again yesterday morning. Wanted to stop at the ATM first so it was easier to drive. I got to the hospital around 8:15 and already there wasn’t any parking. Had to park about ½ block away in front of some businesses.
Bill was sitting up and in good spirits when I got there. The fever went away last night and he got a really good nights sleep. The doctor came by while I was there and said it was nothing to worry about. It wasn’t high and went away quickly. Could have been fatigue and reaction to all the antibiotics. All his lab work was good.
After he ate breakfast he took a nap so I decided I’d go shopping (been to the ATM remember.) The stores I wanted to go to are across the street – a very busy street. Crossing a street here is always an adventure. People are always running across in front of the on coming traffic. I’m a little more cautious – I wait for a break in traffic – like the red light about three blocks away to change. Then you have a few more seconds to cross. While I was standing at the curb waiting for a break a younger woman came up beside me. She stopped and smiled at me then took my hand and took a step back – causing me to step back too. She intently watch the traffic. When the break came she smiled at me and holding my hand crossed to the middle divider. Still holding my hand she stopped and again waited. When the break came she squeezed my hand and we crossed. Once on the other side she let go of me smiled and said, in Spanish “Very difficult.” Meaning crossing the streets here. She waved and went on her way. The people here are really wonderful and caring people. But did I really look that old or befuddled?
So on to shopping. I’d seen a blouse I liked the other day and the clerk told me it was 180 pesos – which was kind of expensive. So I went back to that store and asked the price again. 190 pesos – up ten pesos in one day? Then the clerk stood up and walked away – she’d been sitting on a box listening to her IPad – IPod whatever. Guess they didn’t want my business. So went to another store and found a couple of blouses I liked – they wanted 200 pesos – I ended up getting two for 300 pesos. My first ever bargaining! 150 each is the going price – what we usually pay.
Left Bill right after I got a look at the lab results – pretty good. Stopped at the grocery store and went home for a while.
Went back down on the bus around 4:00. The ride was fine but it is always fun to see how the bus is decorated. This one had black tuck and roll leather on the ceiling and on the dashboard. And religious pictures on the rings to hang on to if you’re standing.
And the whole dashboard was covered in the same black leather like material.
notice the carved wood plaque with the bus number and the leather cover for the gear shift
The doctor came by last evening again and said Bill should be able to come home Wednesday.
On the way there on the bus I was thinking how much easier it is to get around here in Mazatlan then it is at home. At home we are 25 miles from the closest hospitals – one in Columbus the other in Bloomington. There are no busses and no taxies in our little town. The roads are narrow and curvy and have been covered with ice, snow and rain for the last month. And the weather has been freezing until about a week ago. Unless I’d moved into a hotel in town I sure wouldn’t have been spending as much time with Bill.
The campground is really emptying out –only 10 rigs here now.
Front section of campground 
Guess I’d best get ready and head out. Taking my new knitting project with me.


  1. I was wondering?? Who owns these buses?? The city? The driver? Glad you are getting around so good. When we had a flat tire in Mazatlan, a bus was in getting new tires, I should have looked inside it. Keep getting better, Bill...

  2. Hope he does get to come home :) bet hes getting a little cabin fever being stuck in the clinic. Good deal on your blouses. Hugs to you both.