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Monday, April 21, 2014

Tucumcari, NM

Last couple of days journey. From Deming to Alamogordo then on to Tucumcari.
We went to Tucumcari – 239 miles on one of the most deserted roads we’ve ever been on. US54 north to I-40.
Weather was good but got windy near the end of the drive.
Before leaving Alamogordo we went out to breakfast then hooked up and left around 9 and arrived at Kiva RV Park about 1:30. The owner has added a couple of old cars since we were here in the fall.

Notice toilet in the middle 
The man throne.
Now we are trying to plan the next few days around a couple of soccer games. One on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. So right now our plans are leaving here tomorrow morning, stopping at Russell’s Truck stop for diesel and breakfast and then on to Amarillo, TX where we’ll stay until Thursday morning. Depending on weather of course.

Went out to dinner at Del’s – we always go there for dinner when here in Tucumcari – they have really good liver and onions. 

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