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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nice short day today - 200 miles

We are in a little campground just west of Cuba, MO. Only drove 200 miles today. A much more comfortable drive. We pulled out of the KOA in Joplin and only went as far as right across the street to have breakfast at an Iron Skillet – yes we really like that restaurant. Good food, plenty of it and at a reasonable price. We were on the road by 9:30 headed east. Good roads all the way and the wind was mostly from behind. But it was also cold and dreary out. No rain though. As the day progressed it got colder and the wind started to pick up and shift directions. So we stopped here at the Ladybug RV Park just off I-40 at exit 203. We’ve never stopped here before but probably will again. Good WiFi [and our MiFi works here too], the satellite TV took a while to latch on to a signal but I think that was from the cloud cover. Long pull throughs and only $26 a night. We are only 350 miles from home now. Still watching the weather closely.
I have read about Cuba and all of its murals but unfortunately this year we won't be seeing them, just don't want to unhook and it is too gloomy to take pictures anyway. 
Missouri is sure green this time of year. All the new growth and most of the trees have their new leaves. Tomorrow we’ll have to go by Saint Louis – this time we are going around it on the 270 – no more going right through town. And hopefully we’ll stop for the night somewhere in Illinois – not try to get home.
One reason we stopped here – there was an important soccer game on at 2:00 and we wanted to watch it. It sure was an upset. Glad we saw it. And tomorrow there is another game at 2:00 – these two games are setting the final game of the Champions League. Right now Real Madrid from Spain will be one of the finalists.
Not long after we parked we had some rain but not for long. Looking at a weather map we are like the center of a bull’s eye with the storms swirling all around Missouri.
I was just looking at this years travel map – so far we’ve driven the Alfa [that’s the royal “we’] 5,510 miles – used 650 gallons of diesel that’s about 8.5mph.

Back to my knitting. 

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