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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Some kids parents

Last night we went out to dinner – IHop – we knew where it was from last time we stayed here. Bill drove around the parking lot looking for parking closest to the door. When I asked why he said he thought it might be raining when we finished eating. I wonder where all the umbrellas we’ve bought in the past are. IHop was a disaster not the food – the dining room. Looked like three or four people hadn’t shown up for work. None of the empty tables had been bussed. So the waitress/hostess/busgirl cleared a table for us. At one of the empty tables there was a high chair – it looked like a garbage truck had exploded under it. I don’t understand that – we raised five kids took them to restaurants from the time they were babies. I would never have left a mess like that. Of course our babies dropped things on the floor but we always picked them up – they aren’t the waitresses or busboys responsibility.
And by the time we left the building it was starting to rain pretty hard. Glad he parked as close as he did. Must look for an umbrella! Rained off and on all night and still raining now. Very gray cloudy day though starting to lighten up a little bit southwest of us. Probably rain off and on all day with some showers tomorrow too. Good day to knit or read in front of the fireplace.
I slept in this morning and woke up to the delicious smell of breakfast cooking. It is easier to sleep in when the sky is dark gray. Started raining soon after I got up so we didn’t do much in the morning. Early afternoon the sun came out for a while so we did a quick trip to WalMart for a couple things. By the time we got home it was raining again. By late afternoon there was a good storm brewing – thunder, lightening, wind and great big rain drops. Even had to pull the big slide in for a while. The awning on it was flapping so hard and making so much noise we thought it was a good idea.

I think we’ll stay here tomorrow too as there is rain in the forecast again. 

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