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Friday, April 18, 2014

Resting in Alamogordo, NM

Now in Alamogordo, NM – only did 130 miles today and will stay here at least for tomorrow. Weather today was good not too hot and the wind wasn’t too bad. We left at 10 and arrived here at 12:30. How long we’ll stay here depends somewhat on the weather – going to be rain in the area tomorrow so will wait until it stops and we have clear sailing. Only 1350 more miles till home. Gee we could do that in three days…NOT.
Not a whole lot of scenery today. Did get a picture of one of my favorite desert plants. The ocotillo in bloom.
Good roads again today through the rest of Arizona and on into New Mexico. One state closer to home. And again a very buggy drive
Lots of RVs on the highway surprisingly - at least to us - heading west. Going through Las Cruces we passed over the very dry Rio Grande
And went through the only portion of rough road today but only a few blocks long.
Then over the Continental Divide – not too high here. When I think of the Continental Divide I think of 7000 or 9000 feet not a measly 4600.
Today we went through our last Border Patrol check point just before Alamogordo, NM. But we will hit tolls in Oklahoma if we go that way.
Staying in a Passport America park just north of Alamogordo - Edgington RV Park for $15 a night. Long pull-throughs and easy in and out. No Internet connection though. But our Direct TV and MiFi working great. 
Got set up and headed into town so Bill could get his McDonald’s fix. Seeings how I’ve had my bacon and carrot cake fix. Then reading and napping. Glad we were settled in as the wind really picked up during the afternoon. Rock and roll.
Stopped and got a $100 worth of diesel [all the pump would allow] at a Texaco here in Alamogordo. Bill had to try twice to get the pump to accept the credit card and not thirty minutes later we had a text from the credit card company asking us to verify the transactions. I guess the attempt and then the $100 purchase set off an alarm.

Getting ready to go out to dinner now. 

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