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Monday, April 28, 2014

Two More States

Thank goodness there was no wind this morning. The sky was actually blue instead of brown with dust. We left the campground and headed to the Iron Skillet at Petro Truck stop for breakfast. Then Bill washed the Alfa’s windshield – could barely see through it for the dust. We were on the I-40 heading east by 9:00. No rain and light winds. We were supposed to stop in Oklahoma City at an RV park there. Two exits before the parks exit we stopped at a Flying J to get diesel. Then back on the Interstate – It was about 15 to one and we’d done 250 miles. Too early to stop! So on up the road we went – all the way to Joplin, MO. 463 miles! Got here at 15 to five.
too many miles in one day - my opinion only
This is a KOA park and one of their services is baking and delivering pizza to your door. We ordered it when we checked in and it was here by the time we got everything set up. YUM.
The drive wasn’t too bad had a few sprinkles that didn’t last long at all. But by early afternoon the wind had picked up and the skies were getting dark all around us. At one time we saw this – Glad the sky was sunny and blue or we’d have been worried.
Shades of Mexico we had two toll booths today – total $19.50 from Oklahoma City to the Missouri border. Oklahoma is pretty this time of year – everything is so green.
Right now we’re watching the weather channels – we still have 530 some miles to go to get home and it looks like it will be raining between here and there for a few days. Guess we’ll take it a day at a time. I’m glad we waited this last storm out in Texas.
Right now we have sunshine and NO WIND – but the skies to the east and south of us are pretty dark.
Sorry about the fish videos – wish I could have shared them  here is a place that sells them - just descriptions and pictures of them - no video. I still think they’d be fun to have.  
Who know where we'll end up tomorrow. 

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