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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Old things and cactus flowers

Ended up doing nothing around here yesterday – went out to breakfast instead. We’ve had a very slow leak in the right front tire on the Jeep for months now. Bill just kept putting are in it ever couple weeks or so. But now that we’re pulling it he became a little more concerned so decided to get it fixed. Easier said than done. They are GoodYear tires so first looked for a GoodYear place – closest one is in Tucson. So went to a tire place near WalMart. They would do it but there would be a three hour wait before they could even look at it. So we went to WalMart. Yep no problem, all the paper work was done – we even came up in their computer from all the stuff we’ve had done at WalMart in Indiana – can’t hide any more I guess. But again a two hour wait. A little too long to stand around WalMart. So off again. Finally found a place that could do it right away. Mr. Automotive on Continental in Green Valley. The neat thing about this place is its waiting room. Coffee anyone?
Or perhaps some business cards.
And the collection of old cabinet radios was amazing. Just took a couple photos. I remember these.

And an old Kenmore wringer washer.
The people there were very nice, the bathroom extra clean. I’d recommend them. It took them quite a while to find the cause of the leak – it was a staple that just barely poked into the inside of the tire. Tried patching it and it still leaked – finally had to plug it. All better now.
After we got home – back to the Alfa – I walked around the campground taking pictures of the flowers in the desert. Cactus are sure interesting.

Later went out to dinner at the Cow Palace. Bill had steak and I had liver and onions. Both of us ate too much.

We are staying here until tomorrow morning – want to see the soccer game today. And hopefully the wind won’t be as strong tomorrow. I use this site to check the weather along the interstates   http://www.weather.com/outlook/driving/interstate


  1. Glad you got the tire fixed. I hate waiting !! Love the waiting room ...how neat is that?? That first cactus pic looks like little mini pineapples!! Beautiful flower pics!! Take care n safe travels !! Hugs to you both!

  2. Loved all your pictures. Cacti can be so beautiful when they bloom.